1. zzdown


    GREAT NEWS!!!! http://bit.ly/2cOKV2d Works With youTube/DailyMotion :laserus: Work also with site have banner image or text Work with site have a skip (ptp) only Work with popup direct link seem like propellerads boost Alexa Rank No popup Noonviewer.. what is it? Just a platform for...
  2. hp1234

    How to increase CPM 2016 Youtube

    Hey TBN, For anyone doing youtube, they want to know how to increase CPM! So I share some of my ideas, if you have you own then post below and ill add it to this main post!! first off you NEED to upload daily and if you can the more videos the better! after make sure you have all ad types...
  3. Rangers

    [TUTORIAL] How To Run 5 TE In $3.49 VPS

    Hey there! Today I am gonna show you [How to run 5 TE in $3.5 VPS] with no crash. So lets start ;) Proof: Question and Answer (Q&A) Q: Which VPS you use ? A: I use OVH VPS SSD1 OpenStack KVM 1vCore 2 GB RAM 10 GB SSD Local RAID 10 Q: What is the VPS cost of that you use ? A: Cost of VPS...
  4. 1337_Pirate

    Banking with Dailymotion only 1 TE [March]

    So.. After the status today I was getting some pm to share the method with you guys. Now, sharing with you a method which I've been using for couple of days and now after the update I can see it's running pretty damn well! I'm giving a short description of My DM earnings below: Timer: 90+...
  5. EmpyreanSoul

    Teslashits Becoming a Private TE?

    Greetings to all. I am sure a lot of you already read the email that came in (if you are a member of Teslahits) about Teslahits becoming a paid subscription service etc.. Some of you may not care about Teslahits anymore, but I thought I would make this thread/poll anyway. If you have not read...
  6. razorr06

    Teslahits HELP

    Hey wassup guys i dont know if im in the right section but as you see can tesla got some problem again :laserus: i kown you back @TESLAHITS so you better fix this
  7. GMT

    SELL CHEAPEST 2290T$ ( $30)

    all my T$ ( $30) only accept paypal as gift. Contact: pm only
  8. Mr Maharishi

    SELL Sell Otohits & Websyndic points

    Otohits points = $6,5 => SOLD To @thebotnets Teslahits 271636 Points => $8 Websyndic 388712 Credits => $12 Sold to @Clit Master PM me or skype:mr.maharishi Paypal & bitcoin
  9. Z

    Teslahits Imacro Question! Please Help

    Hey everyone I was using this Imacro to switch videos into teslahits, but since the new update it does not work..... anyone have any suggestions on how to fix. VERSION BUILD=8920312 RECORDER=FX SET !ERRORIGNORE YES SET !DATASOURCE tesla.txt SET !DATASOURCE_COLUMNS 1 SET !DATASOURCE_LINE...
  10. akhilbdvt

    SELL TeslaHits Acc - 730k

    I am selling Teslahits Account with 730k Surf Points ! Slots : 5 Sold To : @takej for 15$ SOLD!!
  11. Sunny D

    Traffic Exchange MEGA Thread!!!

    Traffic Exchange MEGA Thread!!! Alright so I'm pretty sure recently you guys have all noticed that there is a new traffic exchange coming out almost daily. Seems like building a traffic exchange is more common then building GPT nowadays. Well anyway keeping up with all the new traffic exchanges...
  12. maslovicz

    Better TeslaHits .bat file!

    Hi, because i have some problems with .bat file from TeslaHits i make some changes. Use this code for bat file: @echo off :loop cls ping -n 1 -w 4000 > nul set MOZ_NO_REMOTE=1 tasklist /nh /fi "imagename eq firefox.exe" | find /i "firefox.exe" >nul && ( echo Firefox is running...
  13. Bill Gates

    [GUIDE] What Traffic Exchanger Should You Use For YT?

    So there is many new TE(s) threads floating around TBN ever since TH incident. Basically, this thread is to centralize all the threads by creating a poll where YOU can vote for a TE which is working, stable and user-friendly and also a place where other users can determine which TE should they...
  14. N

    SELL Teslahits, Otohits, websyndic, hitleap accounts

    Hi everybody, I'm selling my Teslahits, Otohits, Websyndic, hitleap accounts as I do not longer have an use for them You can use them to bring trafic to your Youtube videos or other websites. I STILL OWN 20 VPS RUNNING TESLAHITS AND OTOHITS (and 2 running websyndic) for nearly 10 days...
  15. A

    SELL TE shop (websyndic, otohits, etc)

    Prices are INCREDIBLELY cheap and will not stay this cheap after these accounts are sold. Websyndic [Currently: Not Available]: Otohits [Currently: SOLD]: Teslahits [Currently: SOLD]: Payments accepted: BTC, Paypal. PM me or post to purchase.
  16. tolgahanklc

    SELL Fullscreen Partnered YT Account

    Its Partnered about a week ago. Price: 50$ Paypal (Gift)
  17. OneSpeak

    SELL TE Accounts (Websyndic, Teslahits, Otohits, Hitleap and Other)

    Hello guys... This is my traffic exchange (TE) shop. Welcome everybody! Available TE for now: ________ 1- Hitleap 2- Websyndic 3- Otohits ________ 1-Hitleap Price: 10K mins >> $0.3 Available accounts for now: (out of stock for now) 50K mins account (sold) 20K mins (about 20 accounts in...
  18. Faded

    BUY Buying the cheapest VPS's to run Teslahits

    Hi, I have some money to invest into VPS's running Teslahits. I don't really care if they are trial VPS's, as long as I get atleast 7 days of guaranteed running time. Make me offers for a price /VPS. I am looking to buy between 5-50.
  19. V

    What ads should i use when using Teslahits

    Hey guys, I was wondering what Monetization ads should I use on Youtube when using Teslahits? Overlay ads, Skippable video ads, Non-skippable video ads, Long non-skippable ads and sometimes i can put Ad breaks
  20. wtfaboutnoo

    Have you ever been banned ?

    Hi, guys. I wanted to make a thread and discuss here, if you ever got monetize banned from a network, using TeslaHits or Otohits for YouTube. Using the major networks such as : FullScreen or BBTV, or some other networks. Tell your story :)