1. A

    Hi there, I am AnonSharer

    I am new to TBN. I always looked forward to joining here. Thank the admins for opening up registrations. I'm interested in becoming a valuable member for this great community
  2. hiperium

    Proof TBN IS NOT DEAD !

    Hello ! Firts of all , I could like to thanks @lllJACKALlll for beeing a such nice guy and send me the BTC that I was Scammed by @runrun7100. Proof of the conversation with @runrun7100 : After that nothing , he was Online but no replies , no BTC , nothing..... Then he came up with his...
  3. anhautobot

    I need 1 vps 2gb ram? I need a partner!!

    As a title, I need someone to cooperate with me, because I'm just starting, so I do not have the money to invest in VPS, so I need my sponsor. Initially I will pay you 5000satoshi/day/1vps, and will gradually increase. Please help me and make your request. Thank you!!
  4. i7X

    [TUTORIAL] Install Packages in Linux Easily | Better than terminal method

    Hey everyone. Just a quick tutorial on how to easily install packages in linux. When We download packages that are not avialable in Software Manager, we have to go through a lot of hassel to install them onto the system. Well, there is a simpler way to do it. Yes. The thing I am talking here...
  5. i7X

    What to do with this VPS ?

    So, Since I have this VPS running 24/7 without any load, I would like to put it to some use. More info about the VPS HERE Anything I can do which is profitable ? I mean, any bot which I can run ? The only problem is it's linux..I use a very small UI called jwm because it's ram friendly. Any...
  6. aragbayeccs

    [ASK] About TBN TAGS & Groups

    Hi, anyone could tell me about, Which requisites must I have for join to?: Plush Club. RogueClub. Thanks :top:
  7. S


    Thanks for adding me I am a new guy here from Alaska!!!
  8. S


    Thanks for adding me I am a new guy here from alaska!!!
  9. D

    making money with a vps

    Hey. Im new haha, but I want to run a vps and put alot of bots on it to make a little bit of money. Im not to sure how to upload a bunch of bots and run them so if someone would post a link to a thread or tell me how to do it. also what is the best free vps or if there isnt the best priced vps...
  10. itzKingJames

    Hello TBN

    I have learned many new things and had good time browsing around TBN and would like to say thanks to all the people you post/share interesting things on TBN.:grin: --- Post updated --- The time when I had a member tag.
  11. P0gunicorn

    Adobe after effects ×HELP×

    I found a free intro on youtube but don´t have adobe after effects. And don´t want to install it only to replace it with my name in the intro. So i am wanted to ask you for help, if you can download intro and change name to FONDY. If you have time to help, download to intro files are...
  12. Kicked

    Help needed setting up VPS

    Hey ! I am new to the VPS thing...if you know to set up a VPS then PM me....i will tell you a way to get Free VPS with 5 GB ram ! Please reply fast ! PM only if you are really good at these things....i will tell you the Free VPS thing only when you help me ! Only 1 person is needed...thread...
  13. JohnDoe10

    Good morning...

    Hi everyone and good morning from the desert.
  14. LightningXD

    USER GIVEAWAY LXD Giveaways - Summer Special! [1 of 2]

    Status: Over! 1st @nyuyen 2nd @Neetsuki 3rd @Ash Ketchum Please PM me to receive your prize!