1. B

    +2000 WordPress Themes & Plugins | FREE

    Hello TBN. I am giving away over 2000 WordPress Themes & Plugins to everyone, completely free of charge. Ofc. there isn't any activation / license code with them, but you are still able to use them for whatever you want! GNU General Public License (GPL) of all the themes and plugins. All files...
  2. Turkuaz

    How can i do my own such as Govideo theme?

    I installed Govideo theme in wordpress .It works but in my site does not appear as small images in that theme. I created some post and i added some youtube videos with iframe.They are appear so: (Little picture is not available) When i click on a post(for example buray-kabahat bende)video...
  3. Turkuaz

    Wordpress5 error.How to fix it?

    Friends,i use wampserver localhost.Also i use wordpress5.I uploaded a theme on wordpress.It installed successfully and i activated it.But when i tried to enter my website i see current theme and i saw this error: Access denied for user 'wpcomtr_upload'@'localhost' (using password: YES) How...
  4. AGIDA

    Searching "free" website/wordpress theme for a selling page

    Searching "free" website/wordpress theme for a selling page If the theme is nulled its also okay and I would donate 1$ to this guy :D
  5. Unknown_user

    SELL Themeforest Magento Theme with license (Best Theme in Themeforest)

    I had purchased an themeforest Magento Theme. this one-> for my shop website. But i dropped the plan. so if anyone wanna buy the theme let me know. I will sell to only one person not multiple as i have one license...
  6. P0gunicorn

    [Let's Discuss] << Future expectations >>

    Guys so i got an idea... Let's talk about your view on future and what you think, how people will be living their lives in 2050 -> or more :) or talk about your personal live where you think you will be etc.. Hope TBN will be still UP, we will see ...
  7. E

    Is it possible to search for website urls that use a custom wordpress theme

    Is it possible to search for website urls that use a certain custom wordpress theme? I know the custom wordpress theme i am looking for BTW. Please help. :love2:
  8. Dimas

    FREE Premium Wordpress Themes, PHP Plugins and more.

    THEMEBU.NET Hello TBN members, Today I'll introduce you this website where you can download FREE resources for your site for example premium php scripts or if you have an wordpress website, then you can download premium plugins for free. Everyday, new scripts, themes, plugins are posted and you...
  9. Führer

    Need a CPA Template

    Hello fellows, does someone here has a cpa template like that: ? If you do, please help me.