1. Bill Gates

    [GUIDE] What Traffic Exchanger Should You Use For YT?

    So there is many new TE(s) threads floating around TBN ever since TH incident. Basically, this thread is to centralize all the threads by creating a poll where YOU can vote for a TE which is working, stable and user-friendly and also a place where other users can determine which TE should they...
  2. Z

    TheViewZone Payment Earnings or Payment Proff?

    Hey everyone would love to see what your earnings are with TheViewZone . I myself have not tried it but may want to. What's the possibility's here?
  3. dwiedenau

    [iMacro] - Video Rotator

    Hey guys im here with the next iMacro, its too big to paste it here so i have done it on pastebin: The iMacro was very difficult to create and it is for sure not the cleanest code but it works. It has following functions: - Login to your Account - Delete all 5...
  4. dwiedenau

    [iMacro] - Never stop surfing again!

    Hey Guys, created a quick iMacro for TheViewZone cause it often stops while loading the next video. VERSION BUILD=8340723 RECORDER=CR SET !LOOP -99999 SET !TIMEOUT 90 SET !TIMEOUT_STEP 1 SET !ERRORIGNORE YES URL GOTO= WAIT SECONDS=1 TAG POS=1...