1. coininpjs

    Hot Tip: Buy B3 Coins Now!

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to share some good info with you that can really make you a nice profit in the next month or so. B3 coin is currently going through a HUGE staking period (10000%) and it will be done soon. During this big staking time, many people are getting a ton of coins and...
  2. coininpjs

    My Ultimate Crypto Tip (3+ years in crypto)

    My ULTIMATE CRYPTO TIP: Earn and buy as much crypto coin as you can and NEVER use them or sell them until at least the year 2022. Why?, Because crypto coins are still not used by the majority of all humans on earth but that will/is changing and this little quote will explain it all... "There...
  3. coininpjs

    HOT TIP: Get Rich With Cryptocurrency (100% FREE)

    Just follow the simple and free steps below and in time you will become rich! Step 1: Go to and get a litecoin wallet. (install and sync your wallet if needed) Step 2: Get your litecoin address and save it for the next steps. Step 3: Go to...
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    Hi every one!

    I'll tell you some useful tips and tricks.. follow me!
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    Hello ALL

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    Hi there , sharing method to earn money

    Hi guys , i'm new here this is my first post and want to share my method to earn a few $$ i bet on matchs always without no risk . all you need it's 100$ , and follow my tips the method it's just i pick the sure match and i play it double chance with 1,10 odd i play always on Bet365 it's...
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    A simple and efficient way to earn euros

    I am a member of a site you earn money automatically. The website link is below: Register here!!! It is a ptp site, and how you will make is the following: # Make your site registration register here!!! Then use your link ptp and put up on the site, and after that just relax and watch the...
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  9. B

    Field practice tips

    Planning and organization is key to gain a stronghold in any project. Always research into proper tools to use before attempting any task. Unless you wish to reinvent the wheel and are especially adventurous. Do not expect instant results. If something will take 3 years to write properly it...