1. qALEX26

    Why we can't change titles ?

    Why ? I would really like to change on some of my threads title because sometimes I miss a letter or something and I can't. I propose members or seniors and higher can change the title but with verification. I change my title thread and a confirmations goes to moderators or someone who its...
  2. P0gunicorn

    New Title <Ballin> why it is good idea?! :)

    Hi P0gunicorn here :hk: As i saw a few seconds ago RRX thread about asking community about if he deserve veteran title... i got a little idea... Lot of guys here are hungry for the titles and also money :) so we can connect this two things together and make BALLIN title - if you want this...
  3. vmarc

    BUY Buying Coldschool

    Yo I want to buy coldschool. I'll offer $35 by paypal gift. @ryukensfj you approve? K someone sell me it :D