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  1. SearchAndWin

    EarnLocker - Brand New GPT - 11 Offer Walls - PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon

    EarnLocker is a brand new GPT site. It has (11) Offer Walls; Adwork Media, Adscend Media, WannaAds, SuperRewards, Offer Toro, Dryverless Ads, Kiwi Wall, Offer Daddy, Minute Staff, CPALead, & PTC Wall. $1.00 PayPal, $5.00 Bitcoin, and $1.00 & $10.00 Amazon gift cards, are methods of payment...
  2. SearchAndWin

    ExtraOnlineEarning ***Brand New GPT Site***

    ExtraOnlineEarning is a brand new GPT. It's been getting a lot of traffic since launch, and offers are crediting really well. * $1.00 PayPal * $1.00 Amazon Gift Cards * $10.00 Money Orders * Promo Codes * Advertising * Upgrades * Daily Surveys * Research Studies * PTC * View Websites * App...
  3. SearchAndWin

    EarningStation (GPT) FREE Promo Code Thread

    EarningStation is a GPT site that often releases promo codes for FREE "Station Dollars", good towards a ton of different prizes/rewards. They include; PayPal, & gift cards. The gift cards are from; Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, Office Depot, Hallmark, 1-800 Flowers, AMC, Facebook, Babies R'...
  4. SearchAndWin

    StuffPoints - FREE Promo Code Thread - GPT Site

    StuffPoints is a great multi-faceted GPT site that offers frequent promo codes for FREE StuffPoints. This thread will be dedicated to notifying everybody when a code is released. Here is the first code - welcome15 There are a ton of prizes at StuffPoints. Here is a list; PayPal, Amazon US...
  5. SearchAndWin

    InsFe - ***Brand New Survey/GPT Site Launched***

    InsFe is a brand new survey/gpt site that's launched. Payments are made via PayPal or Payza. You can check out this site below. REF - NON-REF -
  6. SearchAndWin

    GPTMaximum - Brand New GPT Launch - PayPal, Bitcoin, Amazon

    GPTMaximum is a brand new GPT site that just launched. Methods of payment are; PayPal, Bitcoin, and Amazon Gift Cards. There are contests, advertising, ect... . You can check out the site below. REF - Non -
  7. SearchAndWin

    DailySurveyCash - ***Brand New GPT Launch!!!***

    DailySurveyCash is a brand new GPT that's just launched! * Instant PayPal, PayPal, Bitcoin, and Amazon Gift Cards are the current methods of payment. * 10+ OfferWalls. * $1.00 Daily Survey Cash Bonus. For every 10 daily surveys you complete, you will get a $1.00 bonus. * Advertising...
  8. SearchAndWin

    OneDayRewards - Brand New GPT - Amazon/Instant Paypal +

    OneDayRewards is a brand new GPT that officially launches tomorrow. They have instant PayPal, manual PayPal, BitCoin, $1.00 & $5.00 Amazon gift cards. You can check it out below and get in early. REF - Non-Ref -
  9. SearchAndWin

    $602.60 Earned @ SuperPay

    SuperPay is another fantastic GPT site. Tons of offers, offer walls, and much more. I've earned $602.60 here in PayPal and redeemed for a boat load of Amazon gift cards. "Welcome to SuperPay.Me - We pay you for completing Free Paid Surveys, Paid Trials, PTC ads and other Free Paid Offers...
  10. SearchAndWin

    ***Brand New GPT*** Clover GPT

    CloverGPT CloverGPT just launched on September 2nd and many of the big names in the GPT community are already active. Currently they're offering PayPal and Serve as payment methods and more ways to cashout will be added soon. You can check out the site below, it should be a good one...
  11. SearchAndWin

    $2,644 Earned From A GPT Site!!!

    HighestPayGPT has been one of the best GPT sites for a few years now. I've earned $2,644.00 and countless Amazon Gift Cards from here. It's as legit as it gets. You can check out the site below. REF - NON -