torrent leeching sites

  1. D

    Best Alternative to Zbigz

    Piidrive This cloud storage service support torrent leech to its server with fast speed. So that we can download with IDM. Its free for its users up to 5gb torrent download. -With resume-download support -A very good alternative with up to 5GB torrent download compared to zbigz's 1gb We can...
  2. arsgen1106

    Zbigz Alternative - FREE

    filestream is a Oline Torrent Leeching Software service, where you can download directly the files, software, movies, music, etc. and it's free... It's fast, safe, and easy to use... More Details Here...
  3. mojojojo

    [NEW] Direct Download Torrents upto 10GB

    I used seedr for leech torrents because my university network doesn't allow to download torrents. But the problem I having is maximum capacity of seedr is 6.5GB and I can't leech Full HD Game of Thrones torrents with it :fuckthat:. So I searched for a solution and found a new website called...