1. Fatpunker

    Trading Binance (Claim Best Signup Bonus)

    Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange which is the largest exchange in the world in terms of daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies. It was founded in 2017 and is registered in the Cayman Islands. Invite 1 friend. You Get and your referee 100 USDT Cashback Voucher. When Invitee accumulatively...
  2. Tokuda Shigeo

    TECH TALK BTC and other currency trade news

    Ok, as trading is trending now but so far not yet any thread discussing it so I wanna open this for anyone who interested in trading and news of cryptocurrency.:awyeah: Me, first 03/10/2017 -As you can see for the last two-day BTC was bumping really hard, reached 4k5, i had predicted it will...
  3. Midgarosormr

    New Crypto Exchange

    I came across this on /r/Beermoney. WCEX is a new crypto exchange coming in a few months, and they are currently in pre-launch. I'm not a crypto expert, but I know there are people here that are. Here's the page with the relevant information: WCX – Global Low-Cost Digital Currency Exchange –...
  4. sambill

    HUGE : If you have 100$ you need to invest it right now! (DON'T WAIT)

    I think everyone has seen the tremendous rising of Bitcoin those last weeks, he went from 1000$ to +2700$ and price still rising... There is two things you can do to profit from that : either you buy bitcoins & wait till the price exceeds the buying price and then you sell it again, or you can...
  5. C

    SELL $10 AGC for btc 90%

    As the title says, I've $10 AGC for 90% btc. You pay the transaction fees. Pm me or skype- collinswriters1.
  6. BitMiner

    BUY 5.25 million 1337coin buying with a $5USD AmazonGC

    Looking for 5.25 million 1337 coin (worth $4.2USD according to ccex) you'll be getting a $5USD Amazon GC
  7. killzonefury

    SELL selling 0.00135143 BTC for $1.15 paypal

    really was intrested in collecting btc but i saw that its no use for me so just trade with me btc with paypal as i really need paypal
  8. anonymous22

    SELL $200 Nike gift card

    I am selling it for $140 worth of BTC "BTC only" at bitstamp rate. --- Post updated --- Bump for another day hopefully i can get it sold.
  9. JP

    TRADE My $8 Payza to BTC

    As title says.. I want to trade my $8 Payza to Bitcoins.. If someone are interested please let me know your deal.. :) Thanks!
  10. J

    [ASK] Binary Options That Trade With Bitcoins

    Hi folks, Is there any binary options that allow trading with bitcoins? I mean using bitcoin not bet on pairs like btc/usd.
  11. soldier00

    TRADE Exchange Paypal/Payeer

    I want trade $26 USD by the same value in Payeer, or we can negotiate.
  12. Psydomin

    SELL BTC [PP/Skrill]

    I'm Selling BTCs starting from preev+10%!! Detailed rates: Paypal -> preev + 10% Skrill -> preev + 15% Current Stock: 0,24 BTC I reserve the right to refuse any deal with users I find "not trustable enough". Contact me for further info. I will go first if the buyer has a significantly higher...
  13. Scarlettbae

    TRADE 180$ Paypal For BTC Can pay +10%

    Selling 180$ Paypal For Btc will pay +10% Min Amount : 100$
  14. rudolf

    {GUIDE}{LEGIT} How I made 5.7% Profit in just 20 hours Trading Cryptocurrency!!

    Hi every one :) The method is built on Trading on Exchanges. I used Bitfinex for this trade. This is a trade so the market may go against you so make sure to do proper Risk Management. #UPDATE : After Ethereum DAO hack yesterday, the Ether is declining in price from 21$ to 10$ now. Please...
  15. d00m3d

    BUY $1.20 PP for $1 BTC

    If you are interested in the trade that I give you $1.20 paypal and you trade me $1 in BTC that is 0.002204 BTC Just shoot me a pm [only looking for one trade] Cheers, D.
  16. Kim Tae Hee

    BUY Your BitGold to my BitCoin [60%]

    I will buy your BitGold in exchange to my BitCoin. Rate: 60% BitGold value Post here or PM me
  17. jaceefrost


    Hey guys! I need 32 USD in PAYPAL. I will pay with BTC. This is urgent. Please send me a pm if you can exchange.
  18. Stickle

    SELL $9 BTC for $10 Paypal

    I'm looking to sell $9 worth of Bitcoins for Paypal, thanks to @Django for being a babe. Hopefully somebody will do this trade pretty soon, as I don't need much Paypal <3 then we have the ball rolling alittle, because of me and my stupid investments it's put me out of pocket for a few days...
  19. awalu

    TRADE BTC to Skrill

    looking btc i have skrill more hit me
  20. rickyrozay240

    TRADE Get Solidtrustpay Need BTC

    Hello I have 37 $ solidtrustpay I need BTC. Pm me please if you can do this trade. Thanks.