1. phoenixhaxor

    Trading My Trading Journal

    Heyyo all, I have been away for so long from this forum and wanted to write some things on this forum again. Background - I have been in the trading business on and off since 2014. I started with the FX market for awhile (2014-2015), then got into crypto (2014~) as well as the stock market...
  2. T

    $25 No deposit trading bonus from Tigerwit

    TigerWIT NO DEPOSIT BONUS for the trader to start experiencing live forex trading without putting any money into the trading account. Place your first trade with a $25 no deposit bonus preloaded to your account as a complimentary gift for the new trader. The promotion is available to the clients...
  3. sunnymaker

    where to get trusted Cryptocurrency Trade Signals

    i have invested some money in livecoin and binance for trading, but i don't know how to start :justno:
  4. vjjokhnr1

    Forex EA trading

    Hey, so I had a hard time with forex trading because of a lack of time. So I started digging into forex robots and finally I have something that looks promising actually 3 somethings. I would say its pretty low risk, but time will show. Look at these charts and tell me what do you think (keep...
  5. joshrod14

    Robin Hood 1 Free stock on signup worth $1-$250 and free trading of stock/crypto

    Robin Hood Is a app for buying and selling stock. Right now if you sign up you get 1 free stock that could be worth anywhere from $1 to $250. Only for US as of right now but plans for other country's soon. They also offer free selling and buying of stocks no fees threw them. They also just...
  6. Syl

    SELL ⭐ CRYPTOSIGHT ⭐ - Poloniex/Bittrex Assistant

    I offer special discounts for the 1st copy - 20% off 2nd copy - 15% off 3rd copy - 12% off and 10% off for any purchase after this Contact me via Telegram or Skype or PM me for Skype For the free trial, contact @cryptosightbot via Telegram Note that I'm only reselling. --- Post updated...
  7. lovehk

    $560 to $30k

    This is my earning this year for forex trading. Deposit $560 & profit about $30k. I make withdrawal only once and it just $500. This is because i did not reach my target yet. My target is to have a balance of $50k, after that i will withdraw for whatever profit i get in monthly timeframe...
  8. btcbounty

    Investing on CNFR (CONFER) Coin Let watch What Happens

    Hi, Today I am Investing Huge in CNFR (CONFER) Coin, I am investing upto 500$ + in CONFER Coin. Let see how the Cryptocurrency game play with me.
  9. btcbounty

    Crypto Signals

    Buy Signal XMR @ 0.02407 BTC Sell Signal XMR @ 0.02444 BTC Note: I am not forcing anybody to purchase, I am just here giving my Crypto Signals Alerts. It is upto you. Done: 24.09.2017 it was reached the expected signal in 4 hours, So i purchased a method for 500$ and it is working. So that i...
  10. btcbounty

    Runescape Trading

  11. Aveatrex

    SELL [BOT] C.A.T Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader Improve your Trading!

    Current Version : 5.1 What is C.A.T.? C.A.T. is an "automatic-trader" written in Java Code (Desktop Application) using Exchanges API You only need to choose markets, set the first orders and parameters (not mandatory) and...
  12. Midgarosormr

    New Crypto Exchange

    I came across this on /r/Beermoney. WCEX is a new crypto exchange coming in a few months, and they are currently in pre-launch. I'm not a crypto expert, but I know there are people here that are. Here's the page with the relevant information: WCX – Global Low-Cost Digital Currency Exchange –...
  13. naman123

    BOT TraPY - Automated Poloniex Trading BOT

    Today i am releasing the bot i have been working on since the last couple weeks. It trades alt-coins for you on Poloniex with very less human interaction needed. To use it you need to have python 3 installed in your system. 1. To RUN this bot you need to enter your api key and secret of your...
  14. jo2u3

    A journey with Poloniex python bot

    Today I started with a poloniex trading bot, I have it running in a vps and trading some altcoins. The bot does its job flawlessly and its working fine, my only disadvantage is that I dont have enough capital in poloniex to see earnings quickly. If you are feeling generous to help me with...
  15. S

    Altcoinbot - Makers of

    Bot is back in manual mode meaning it provides trade signals but you will have to execute them manually so you can follow the signals you like and ignore ones you don't. Free access as I have more then 3 months left in my subscription and I am currently not using the signals. PM me for access...
  16. Damascius

    Whaleclub ~ Trade stocks and CFDs with Bitcoin, 0 fees, 20% deposit bonus

    Referral link | Nonref You will only get the bonus if you use my referral link! If you sign up under me you won't lose anything, I'll get 50% of Whaleclub's commission (the spreads)! :) ~~ Whaleclub is a broker that uses Bitcoin instead of fiat currencies. They offer various features, high...
  17. rudolf

    {GUIDE}{LEGIT} How I made 5.7% Profit in just 20 hours Trading Cryptocurrency!!

    Hi every one :) The method is built on Trading on Exchanges. I used Bitfinex for this trade. This is a trade so the market may go against you so make sure to do proper Risk Management. #UPDATE : After Ethereum DAO hack yesterday, the Ether is declining in price from 21$ to 10$ now. Please...
  18. cocobrico

    Make Big Profits with BTC/ETH with fully automated Trading Bots

    Hello guys, recently I started beein active in the Bitcoin community and as the time goes by I also got some interest in altcoins. Joining a few BTC related sites and getting more experienced with all the stuff connected to it I really became interested in not only to buy some BTC and hold them...
  19. Musngi

    I Have a Question in Bitcoin Trading?

    I will start my journey in Bitcoin trading tomorrow or next-week. I need more data to start as soon as possible. :) Where to trade Bitcoin? Is there any good site for trading Bitcoin? What is the average movement of BTC value per day? I mean the Up/Down value of BTC? How much the minimum for...
  20. Z

    Video's used for YT and DM?

    Hi guys and girls i wonder, do you make your own video's for YT and DM or just RIP video's ? Im thinking of writing a little serverside software to easy RIP youtube,twitch, dailymotion enz... That takes a video and cuts it up into 8-14 min parts if you RIP video's what would you do intrade...