traffic spirit

  1. animalu

    BUY Buying Integral

    Buying Integral (traffic spirit) Paying 1$ for 100000 points. Minimum 500000 points / transaction because of fees. Please don't give me other higher $ offers because I already buy directly from the site at $1.3/100 points. Payments by paypal or btc.
  2. D

    Traffic spirit\Jingling, How run it on 1 pc with many ips on 1 pc?

    Okay so to explain further. I use traffic spirit, now I can use 3 pcs per ip right. So I was wondering if there is somehow you can use a software. A software that allows more windows (different traffic spirits) where the software can set a proxy for that and that window. This way window 1 is us...
  3. choosen

    Jingling or Traffic Spirit

    Hi guys, not sure if this the correct area, was wondering if anyone knew of a place or someone that had this type of traffic for sale?
  4. coolindark

    SELL TrafficSpirit (IPTS) Integral Points

    Selling TrafficSpirit (IPTS) Integral points Site price = 50.000 Integral Points --> 1$ My price = 50.000 Integral Points --> 0.5$ -> BTC (Preev calculation) Payments are Bitcoin only! 1$ Integral points gives you 2.000 Unique IP traffic which supports subpage visit with pop-up support...
  5. revzt

    BUY traffic spirit ipts points integral

    in ipts which can give points to the other members. then im looking for traffic spirit ipts points integral. anyone can provide me???