1. Rangers

    [TUTORIAL] How To Run 5 TE In $3.49 VPS

    Hey there! Today I am gonna show you [How to run 5 TE in $3.5 VPS] with no crash. So lets start ;) Proof: Question and Answer (Q&A) Q: Which VPS you use ? A: I use OVH VPS SSD1 OpenStack KVM 1vCore 2 GB RAM 10 GB SSD Local RAID 10 Q: What is the VPS cost of that you use ? A: Cost of VPS...
  2. johnycool

    traffichive bat file for restarter

    Like many i was having trouble with traffichive software so i made this bat file which will keep restarting it after 1200 sec and this time you can change in last second line of code but better keep lesser time. sometimes it won't restart because traffichive will think that you are opening 2...
  3. T

    Hello World! Is Traffichive scam site???

    - First, I want to say hello to everyone who's reading this thread. - Second, I'm sorry about posting in wrong section maybe, but I cannot post in report section. - My problem is: I registered Traffichive yesterday and let my laptop ran all night which got me about 500 minutes view. The problem...
  4. LightningXD

    Traffichive's Update - Click bot - All sites allowed - New Viewer.

    Removed. Not allowed