1. slovenian

    Openload Payment

    Hello fellas, finally my first payment from running it like my main video streamin hentai videos, it took me like 2 months to get the minimum payment $20, they took some fee but nvm, like 20k views ~ mostly T1 Hopin to scale the traffic up :giddy:, cheers!
  2. Pricelezz

    Please Review my Adult Tube

    Hey guys :) would be great if you review my adult tube I will add more videos in future :) Thanks in advance :)
  3. kkroyal

    How to get approved on Crakrevenue

    Today i want to show you how to get approved on Crakrevenue. For all that don't know what Crakrevenue is visit their website, but in short: It is an adult CPA Adnetwork. Get approved by Crakrevenue 1. You need an adult related .com domain (also you could use other domain endings, but no...
  4. writers4all

    How Do You Prefer TO Get XXX From The Internet For Free

    I need your votes