1. daveter9

    BOT tumbload3r tumblr upload bot

    Hey guys, So because @CoderChris his bot doesn't work for now I made a quick and dirty python script that can upload image posts to tumblr. Requirements Python3+ (tested on 3.5) requests_oauthlib==0.7.0 (Only tested this on my windows box but should work on linux as well) Functionality With...
  2. ditchdigger

    BOT Tumblr FollowBot 03/07/16

    Step 1. Search for a keyword you want the account to focus on. For one account I used molly, rave, candy-kid, and used thesaurus to find additional keywords. (One Keyword per bot instance) Step 2. Boot Up FireFox and Imacros Step 3. Pasta this code, name is Tumblr.iim Working as of 03/03/16...
  3. Jesus

    Help me finding a name for my Tumblr

    I know you guys are creative. March update: Finally, I made it. NSFW
  4. K

    Any One Make Money In Tumblr?

    please tell me anyone make money on tumblr?
  5. K

    i have nsfw tumblr blog 2k followers!what is the best way to monetize without getting banned?

    please anyone help for me?
  6. LadyTaniaXd

    Make Money Through your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr Channels!

    Hello! I recently started using Famebit and i'm really excited! :pfft: On Famebit you Make Money through your Social Media Accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr etc. It requires at least 5000 followers to one of your networks and some work afterwards but it totally worths...
  7. hanks

    Ad networks accept Tumblr blog?

    I know some adult ad networks accept Tumblr, but my content is safe for work. So they are not my choice. Can anyone tell me a ad network? :)
  8. 221aidan

    Ad network that works with tumblr?

    Hey im looking for an ad network that works with tumblr or a way to monetize my blog