1. L

    Make money by Adfly traffic bot

    hi everybody, without getting long in this article i will chow you guys how to make money from adfly by traffic bot . lest's start : fist u need to sing up on afdly HERE download trafficbot HERE also proxy list HERE we will need it unzip the folder open TrafficBot Full Edition setting up...
  2. Luz

    Tutorial: Download full photos and videos from a Twitter or Onlyfans account

    A method that can buy you a coffee, or maybe two. If you are looking for something to download videos, images and other publications quickly, you have come to the right place. Today I show you a very easy to use and most importantly free onlyfans downloader that will not only allow you to...
  3. impshum

    [Tutorial] How to be an absolute PHP twonk

    Something You Should Never Do... Ever! Someone online was asking for a "delete script" which removes all the files for a website if the client doesn't pay. Clearly this is a terrible idea and a very stupid thing to do. Oh well... https://recycledrobot.co.uk/words/?how-to-be-an-absolute-php-twonk
  4. impshum

    [TUTORIAL] How To Throw Cats At Random Internet People

    We all love cats right? Well most of us do, and the internet is absolutely rammed with them. There's even a few API's that give you a random cat image totally free (how awesome). Let's give one of them a whirl... https://recycledrobot.co.uk/words/?cattack
  5. cupzJaYu

    [Share] Change VidIQ Vision Basic to Enterprise

    Change VidIQ Vision Basic to Enterprise What is VidIQ? A Chrome Extension, to see tags, keywords, on a channel. The goal, so that our channel can be in page one [hopefully]. Then, how? First: Make sure you install VidIQ on browser chrome. If you dont have : Open...
  6. Dedsos

    [Method] How to Mass Download YT Channels and Playlists

    so how to mass download yt channels? let's see.. step 1 go to https://www.youtubebyclick.com/ click download and install their program step 2 open the program and make sure you already selected and copied your yt link step 3 change the settings as like you want. i preffer mp4 and max quality...
  7. Palid

    Watch any Lynda Courses without login

    If you want watch any course on lynda without password, this website will help you. Website : Lynda.ML if you found any problem regarding this site, let me know.
  8. i7X

    [TUTORIAL] Install Packages in Linux Easily | Better than terminal method

    Hey everyone. Just a quick tutorial on how to easily install packages in linux. When We download packages that are not avialable in Software Manager, we have to go through a lot of hassel to install them onto the system. Well, there is a simpler way to do it. Yes. The thing I am talking here...
  9. i7X

    Learn AngularJS 2.0 - PDF Tutorials From the Best Book

    Hi, I just completed my course of AngularJS 2.0 from a great book. No classes, self study. I would like to share this book with you people. I will upload the book in chapters for easy navigation. The PDF will be easily readable so don't worry. :) Chapters Uploaded till Now : 1 Anyway, All you...
  10. A

    Prefinal exams are done! Now back to the internet to make money online

    Finally prefinal exams are done and now back to practicing making a good niche website to earn good amount of money! I was looking for a tutorial on making a website with free hosting and free domain to start with. I hope you guys could help me. Please share some of your ideas for me. Thank you...
  11. DEADZ

    The Only Guide You'll Ever Need To Read: Realistic Advice On How To Make Money

    First of all, "METHODS" don't work. Either you do, or nothing will. This is my free advice for anyone serious about making a living with Internet Marketing. Just my 2 cents. Take it as it is. Just free advice. In the beginning: Active Income STOP buying methods, tools, wso's, and all of these...
  12. UltraViews

    Invest into knowledge!

    Hi guys, Today i'm gonna share one of my favorite website : SkillWise It's a website that sell online courses (such as development, game creation, web design, deep learning, photography...) at a very low price. Why i share it today ? Because of the Black Friday! In addition to these very low...
  13. DEADZ

    Create Unlimited Instagram Accounts using your Desktop.

    This is a basic guide. Allot of people know this already. But you never know, maybe it can help someones new: Downloads here: 1. Get Bluestacks - Google: Bluestacks 2. You will need to have a Dynamic IP for this to work. Most of y'all are probably gonna be on Dynamic ones anywho. Don't even...
  14. DEADZ

    1st day as a member already in the top liked - More to come!

    Means allot guys! Thanks so much. I see allot of people enjoying the twitter guide. I have instagram and facebook guides also. I'll be launching a social media marketing website and youtube channel later on in my life and maybe sell some courses and products. Here's some stats from my old...
  15. L

    HTML,Css,JavaScript and logo design + 3d print 20x20

    Hey guys I’m a 19 years old geek from Sweden. I am working at a IT firm managing the computers and managing the website. If anyone is interested I can provide you with following: Website HTML, Css and JavaScript assistant and design (low-price) Logo (Got the full adobe series, and I’m an...
  16. U

    hEY i AM REAL

    hELLO AND good morning, recently i lost my job and was exploring into carding etc have lost money to crooks for teaching me lessons etc. I am looking to learn, want to self my self in security. Also I have a papal account that i need help in cashing out. I will pay 100$ if an honest person ca...
  17. abdessamad93

    [TUTORIAL] Easy Way To Use Facebook Messenger On PC [Windows/OS/Linux]

    Hello guys I Will Show You How To Use Best Facebook Messenger On PC [Windows/OS/Linux] ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Links : ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● ► Download Messenger for Desktop : http://bit.ly/2cAt0Kf
  18. gandalfleal

    #2 Coding in C - for Cycles

    Hey guys, I'll be talking about for cycles in C now. First, what is a cycle? A cycle is something that repeats itself constantly. Often we want the computer to repeat a set of instructions for a specified number of times. There are special instructions to achieve such an effect, and...
  19. gandalfleal

    #1 Coding in C - IF Statement

    Hey, Let's start the first chapter of programming in C. I'll start with the IF statement, but before I explain the assignment operators, arithmetic, relational and logical. The affectation operator is equal (=). Arithmetic Unary Operator: Binary Arithmetic Operators: Relational...
  20. gandalfleal

    [First Steps] - C Language Tutorial

    Hey, I'm going to make a little introduction to C language. Firstly i will talk about the language history and then i will move on to the code! :) The C language was developed at Bell Labs in 1970 by B. W. Kernighan and D.M. Ritchie. It is characterized as a relatively low-level language...