1. Ussagui

    [DEV] Help! C# + DB + PHP

    Hey guys I want to create a c# app (form) connected to a DB (ubuntu VPS) and host a PHP server (on same VPS) What i can archive: I can connect my App to a remote SQLServer (haven't tried on Ubuntu yet) I have some PHP skills Objective: C# App will do query to the DB (CRUD) but i want to have a...
  2. unfogiven19

    How I F*ed up my Laptop while I was installing Ubuntu :D

    Hello TBN, I have Win7 in this laptop LENOVO X200 ... Nevertheless , I decided to try Linux, so I start reading and I downloaded VertualBox , It didn't work, so I downloaded VMWARE .. and then ArchLinux , it works 100% but it was so complicated .. so I downloaded Ubuntu ... I did partition and...
  3. Varunsin

    BUY need help with proxychains in ubuntu 16.04

    I tried running proxychain and it works fine when I access a single programme with it. I tried curl/firefox and they work fine with the direct app approach. when I run an app (hitleap) that opens background processes then it doesn't work. need help with this issue. paying $10 pp.
  4. 4hsc

    How to hide miner from VPS provider

    Do you guys know a way to hide a cryptominer so that the VPS doesn't get banned? For example mining monero in alibaba cloud. I've already used cpulimit (40%) but they ban me after 5 minutes. I tried with minergate in Ubuntu 16 btw.
  5. mathandscie

    Guide to LXC/LXD (Linux Containers)

    LXC is a kind of virtualisation for Linux that is much faster than hardware virtualisation (VMWare). It is very helpful for, say, running several TE viewers on a single ubuntu install without worrying about running individual programs with proxies. For example, I run 24 hitleap viewers on 4...
  6. Sveratus


  7. Ussagui

    VPS Ubuntu HELP

    Hey guys, i have a VPS with Ubuntu, how can i "use a desktop" on it? I mean, like a Windows server, have access with WRD or something like that .... I want my ubuntu with a GUI and a remote connection thanks!
  8. sheryshafi

    Need help to compress in ubuntu os

    Hi every one i have ubuntu os vps i have downloaded some videos there now i want to compress these video folder with tar.xz zg etc what ever can any can guide me step step how i can do that i have tried handbreak but problem is that i compress one video with hnadbreak which was 500MB then...
  9. sheryshafi

    Need Help for vps oS: Ubuntu-16.04- ?

    Hello every one i have vps with os Ubuntu-16.04- i have nver use this os before now i am trying to do run it and have seen some youtube videos now i have downloaded putty.exe but problem is that when give username then putty ask me for password : then that soft is hang i am unable to put...
  10. i7X

    [FIX] Permission Denied When Running .sh File In Ubuntu

    Hey, just a quick fix for people who get this error while starting a .sh file from terminal. Well, when you type ./script.sh You get the Permission Denied Error To fix it, Just do this : chmod 500 script.sh; ./script.sh All we are doing here is changing the permissions of the script...
  11. D

    What should i do with my vps?

    i have many VPS. how to make money with VPS?
  12. arifsha

    how to auto start Miner In Ubuntu Linux ?

    how to auto start Miner In Ubuntu Linux ? Please help
  13. Drinko

    How to run TE on Ubuntu VPS

    Good night people. Today I decided to buy vps, and ended up buying ubuntu I thought he would open the GUI, but spent two hours searching how to do this and finally I find that you have no way to make it in him. I bought the vps to rotate the TE, but it only opens the code box and I do not know...
  14. toxicFTW

    Ignite Servers TE VPS - $2.00/mo with coupon: 50CENTSOFFTE - US IP

    Warning: Be aware of them, they just scammed the shit out of me basically, their service isn't worth the risk anymore. I would suggest you to stay away from them, they don't provide anything good anymore and they don't even deserve your cash. Even if the website comes back, I would suggest you...
  15. Agahia

    VPS Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 64 bit

    I just got an email from Kloud51. They have a new OS in their Linux VPS that comes with Ubuntu light pre-installed. View %60 OFF on VPS - Only $1/month at Kloud51 to get the coupon code as well. Here's the original blog post as well. """ After receiving many requests and interest in using...
  16. toxicFTW

    BUY Need some (a lot of) Linux VPS

    I need to pick up some VPSes temporary since my provider is having issues currently. I'm looking for some cheap 1GB RAM 1 core ones, IP should be from US, CA, UK or DE. Give me an offer, I'm purchasing my current ones for $1.50, so I need them in that price range ($1.50-$2.50).
  17. R3XZORS

    how to copy/paste from windows client to ubuntu server

    how to copy/paste from windows client to ubuntu server i recently installed ubuntu server on my ubuntu vps i am using xrdp for login and GUI and its not same like windows that we can copy/paste in between vps. Can anyone tell me how to copy/paste from ubuntu vps to windows?