1. D

    DuckDuckDanny is soon racing through the ranks...

    My name is DuckDuckDanny I am inspired by DuckDuckGo Search Engine and the whole concept about it. How I became a millionaire in just 12-months! (Age 14 back in 2004 --> 2005) How I used around eight (8) million dollars in only 15 years How I spend the last 15 years perfecting the...
  2. R

    Good Money for Visitors! $

    Program in operation since: 22.aug 2011 18:11 Total payouts: $69,940.80 They offer a very simple way for you to earn money. All you need to do is send visitors to website. They get visitors, you get money! How much they pay? They will pay you UP TO $0.12 for each unique visitor you bring to...
  3. JoahTheron

    [BETA] Traffic Exchange HornyTE.com

    Horny Traffic Exchange! The evolution of Traffic Exchange Out of BETA now check this Thread http://thebot.net/threads/launched-hornyte-com-traffic-exchange-ytb-and-dm.356573/