united states

  1. B

    BUY Amazon.com Gift Cards 60%-80%

    Hello, I am buying all your Amazon.com Gift Cards (United States AGC). I am on the look of US AGC for approx. 60-80% of its price. Example: if you have a $100 gift card, I will pay between $60 to $80. My preferred payment method is PayPal. PM me if you are interested.
  2. Abhishek006

    TECH TALK FBI Hacks New York iPhone

    This is the second iPhone hacked in just two months The United States Department of Justice has recently announced that it dropped its legal request to have Apple unlock an iPhone involved in a New York drug case as the FBI managed to hack the device on its own. This is the second iPhone...
  3. A

    BUY US Phone verifications $0.50 BTC

    Buying united states phone verifications for 50 cents in btc each, although if what I'm trying out dosen't work I probably won't buy more than one or two. It can't be voip, please post or pm me for more information. If you recieve the code, I'll pay you before you share it. :thumbs: