1. P0gunicorn

    [Journey] Instagram from 500 to 50 000 followers // daily update

    P0gunicorn Instagram Journey Okeyy, guys so i decided to make this thread to be motivated to end this Journey like a Winner ! So i will try to update this thread every ( frickin :coolface:) day. On the end i will share my Instagram account here :), wish me luck FAQ : 1.) What´s your niche...
  2. Stickle

    Smilieys in status

    This has probs been suggested a few times, if not more! But how come the smilieys don't work in the status? I think it would be a simple update and a few members might want this suggested as well, I know I like to update my status and comment on others. I have my proof aha - Yolo...
  3. LightningXD

    Traffichive's Update - Click bot - All sites allowed - New Viewer.

    Removed. Not allowed