1. Z

    Hi im zentrix

    hi, im a chilean, 19 years old and i want to learn how to have a little proffit in internet
  2. Babi

    How many tabs do open while browsing

    I opened minimum of four 1 social network 2 forum mostly TBN 3 one of my favorite blog and 4 for research on search engines
  3. B

    Hello another user found

    Hello I'm new here, Am i the only one suffering from 25-75 post
  4. J


    Hi, I am a new user and looking forward to this site. I found this site trying to contact someone to verify a code for me.
  5. Ninjoshy

    Rate the Person Above You! 3

    For the member who posts above you: Rate his/her username out of 10 Rate his/her Avatar out of 10 Rate his/her Signature out of 10 Example format: Username - ?/10 Avatar - ?/10 Sig - ?/10 Remember that a user's signature only appears on the first post of the page, so scroll up if you don't...