1. Jamison904

    Serious question - Banned Users?

    Going through all the sections here I have noticed a very large number of banned users. How hard is it to follow the rules? Are they all spammers or scamming other users? I have not seen this many banned users in one place before and I used to admin my our forum.
  2. mbd

    hunger games subforum For New Users but can't Post there !!!

    Introduction is great for new users, and I've been here lot of time actually, but also hunger games subforum can't post there .. only one forum to post which is introductions nothing is for discussion or general chat... for new users ... WHY ?
  3. Rangers

    Freaking Reason Why TJ Created 2-Step-Verification

    Sorry for getting your attention. Recently @TJ enabled 2-Step-Verification because of users account getting hacked. To be honest its really a good feature to safe your account to certain level from hackers. But the other day I saw a post in TBN says that Stop Insisting/Bragging TWO-STEP...
  4. THBP

    A big thanks <3

    A big thanks for the big community <3 I really like this website and people there are awesome :D Keep it up :) Best wishes for all, enjoy, and have a nice day :)