1. buzz4rd

    Facebook Group Post Scrapper [ Web Automation ]

    I need to collect Facebook group posts with media (Image/Video). Which technology should I choose to get Best and smooth performance? I'm familiar with VB.NET
  2. B

    BOT TBN Worker - Click for Click (Public Development)

    Hello TBN. So I created an open-source project in VB.NET today, based on @chorao157 thread here. So the project is VERY FAR from being done, but any contributions is more than welcome. It is only in the planning state, but I thought I'd share it anyway. If you want to look closer, visit its...
  3. B

    Safe using MySQL with VB.NET?

    Hello. Is it safe if I connected to a MySQL database within VB.NET? Let's say I made a software, where people are able to INSERT already decided with custom variables to a table within VB.NET. The connection information is written within the .vb file. ex. localhost, l33tadministrator...
  4. buzz4rd

    How to Share/Update GEO Location using GeckoFX 45?

    Hi, I'm using GeckoFX 45. I need to Share/Update GEO Location. I got few ways But It does not work. How can I do it?
  5. S

    Listbox in webbrowser

    Hello everyone, i'm stefano and i'm here to ask help. i decided to join this site because it seems to be a good site, i already red other threads of this site about programmation and it gave me a big help, so i decided to subscribe here, because i need another help.i'm programmi in vb net a...
  6. MicheleXVII

    High cpu/memory usage [VB.net]

    Hi, I make program with vb.net but i have a problem. Every program I made use a lot of cpu/memory. I have fixed the memory by using "FlushMemory()" but idk what to do for the cpu (is on 30/50%). Anyone can help me?
  7. lllJACKALlll

    [VB.NET]Where is GeckoFX Documentation ?

    i see no documentation for GeckoFX under vb.net its seems pretty dead ,i couldn't even make a good bot with the lack of knowledge i have about Gecko. if anyone has some VB.NET codes for GeckoFX please share it i really need it . Clicking on elements Clicking on buttons Selecting input and...
  8. xCelti

    Help - Vb.net, MySQL

    I've searched alot of sites but I can't find the right answer in my problem, I'm trying to select all the data from my database to appear in my program. My problem is I can't get to read the time, cause I don't know the proper code for it, I've succesfully made the date to appear, but not the...
  9. Delite

    VB.net Cross-threading help

    Alright heres the thing i need help with. I got one of my threads that's named: Private Sub ThreadTask1() Inside of this thread i got a richtextbox that gets it's info from "thepage" RichTextBox1.Text = thepage By reading off "thepage" i got a regex that finds a value of the webpage. How...
  10. Delite

    [VB.net] Keeping a session stable with HTTP requests?

    I'm sending a normal http request to a for example a traffic exchange, I've followed up all the headers and requests that is needed but when i send the last request it's like it closes the connection on the web page so it won't wait until it actually gains points.. This is same for all websites...
  11. Delite

    [VB.net] Setting a cookie to the web request.

    A typical request: Dim postData As String = "" Dim encoding As New UTF8Encoding Dim byteData As Byte() = encoding.GetBytes(postData) 'Dim myProxy As New WebProxy(TextBox1.Text, True) Try Dim postReq As HttpWebRequest =...