1. Novice2

    Video Views available for all

    Video Views available for All (Youtube, Dailymotion,...) our visite last between 30 and 60 second. - Geo Target: you can target a specific countries - Traffic source: You can choose the source of your traffic 1- 5K for 2$: Click hier 2- 25K for 8$: Click hier 3- Unlimited Video Views for 1...
  2. chupacabra13

    Easy money on autopilot

    Hello everyone. I just want to share one website, which is paying very good. For the last month or two I was running 24 hrs a day videos on to make points on my computers. Made over 100000 points on each. You can link a lot of accounts to and transfer points and after redeem for...
  3. coininpjs

    Car Crash Compilation | Instant Karma | Driving Fails | Bad Drivers #4

    Enjoy #4 in this series.
  4. alexhardyuk

    TECH TALK Free online courses - What to do?

    Hi all, I have a large collection of video courses from several sources. How do you think it's better to put them online: 1. upload to each course (zip) on google drive or mega 2. to make a website and to upload videos so that anyone can watched online for free. Or another suggestion you have.
  5. RobertKarash

    Camila Cabello

    Website: Wikipedia: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:
  6. RobertKarash


    THIS IS A THREAD TO SHARE MUSIC WITH THE COMMUNITY Rules: No Links To Content Supported Media ONLY From The Original Creator How To Share: Copy and paste a link from YouTube or a trusted source Read This For More Information Allowed Sources: Apple Music, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram...
  7. BloodLust

    Make Money Sharing Videos & Movies

    Hello I would like to share a brand new video sharing platform where you can earn money with your views. The website is extremely easy to use. Step 1: Create an account/Channel. After registering you can go into your account settings and enable monetization. In...
  8. alexhardyuk

    Free English video Courses

    The offers and will always offer free video courses/tutorials. All online courses are in English for now, and we will add other languages in the future. The idea on this site is to see a course at any time and on any device without downloading tens or hundreds of GB or...
  9. alexhardyuk

    Video Submission Sites

    These are lists I’ve bookmarked and saved over the past several years for SEO related efforts. I have a little bit of everything, but it’s all mainly for link building purposes. Today: Video Submission Sites PhotoBucket YouTube DailyMotion Vplay Metacafe Myspace Vimeo LiveLeak Stupidvideos...
  10. Turkuaz

    How can i build video money making system?

    I saw on web many watch videos earn money website such as Where can i find youtube videos for make money?Please help me.
  11. massi93

    [HELP] How can I perform the same filter in youtube ?

    Hi there, I would like to apply the same filter he is applying to a video in YouTube but I don't know what is it's name. I made this gift which is a part of a video. The video is about football and the add this layer of ( "trees" ?). I want to know how to add it
  12. NeRoX

    SELL Videonti Render Program

    FEATURES - Videonti is a Windows based desktop video editing program. - You can add the frames, logos and subtitles you want to your video clips, make them unique with various effects. - The program continues to evolve with users' willingness. - possibility to make multiple videos at the same...
  13. lV3NOMl

    Some Free Programming/SEO/Marketing/Trading Courses

    It's not mine i got these courses from a friend so sharing this There you go
  14. A

    code ffmpeg bypass VEVO music video

  15. Turkuaz

    how can i do my own autoplay code?

    i want to my own autoplay code for videos such as youtube.But i wouldnt use it for youtube.i will use another video sharing site.How can i do this?
  16. Midgarosormr

    [Quick! Limited Time!] Promotion

    Just a heads up, and I'll let the e-mail do the talking: So, sign up at a site if you haven't already, and take advantage if you've an Android! Good sites for both Engage and just regular GPT stuff:
  17. sheryshafi

    Need help to compress in ubuntu os

    Hi every one i have ubuntu os vps i have downloaded some videos there now i want to compress these video folder with tar.xz zg etc what ever can any can guide me step step how i can do that i have tried handbreak but problem is that i compress one video with hnadbreak which was 500MB then...
  18. Talented

    Paid to promote video

    Hi, i have an idea about coding simple script to make profit. Last time i did; it resulted to about $220 in few days. METHOD I am looking for any ad network or website that will give you a video link to promote in your blog or website. Anyone who has this we can do a joint venture and make some...
  19. Civa

    Make easy money by watching videos part 2 - Earnhoney

    Hey guys, I ve been trying to find a passive way to make some money online by using my idle PCs or VPS. Recently I ve been testing a lot of GPT websites and have narrowed down my choice to 3 websites I use every day. Earnhoney is definitely among these top 3 websites, it lets you make some...
  20. shaggyreetha

    Hello Tv App -Earn Lots of Free Recharge by Uploading & Watching Videos

    Hello Tv Paytm – Hello Tv Is New Video Watching & uploading App In Which You Can Earn Free Paytm cash Just By Hello tv app You can earn Paytm cash( by paytm you can now transfer money to your bank account also) by Just Uploading Videos or watching Videos On it. You will earn on Every views of...