1. kris007

    -Selling- Monetizable HD Gameplay Videos

    Max Graphics 1080p 60 fps Gameplay videos Totally Fresh and Unique contents for youtube or dailymotion etc, I will start Recording for you after you place the order Duration: 20+ minutes Price- $5.00 Per video Reply or Inbox Me for details/sample/orders You can contact me via Skype...
  2. kris007

    BUY Someone to make me youtube gameplay videos.

    i need videos for my channel currently needing videos at least 10 minutes long with audio for monetization. No copywrite videos please videos need to be reuseable!. please post your price per video! Paying paypal only will send payment as friends and family.
  3. coininpjs

    Join The Best YouTube Alternative

    Looking for an alternative to YouTube or just looking to add your content to more platforms? Rumble is your rights management video platform. Host, distribute and monetize all your professional, social and viral video. What's the difference between YouTube and Rumble? YouTube recommends videos...
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  5. Turkuaz

    How can i prepare my own .xml file for blogger?

    Friends i want to create my own xml file.I want to add videos from various sites into xml file.How can i do that? 1564488495 Please help me
  6. sunnymaker

    youtube watched videos hider

    what is youtube watched videos hider? it is an small piece of software that will hide watched youtube videos from youtube site, this will give you clean list, stop wasting time in old videos and start discovering new things note: will not hided, To avoid this feature...
  7. Turkuaz

    How to embed any website's videos in an XML or CSV file?

    I am search about embed videos to my wordpress site using csv or xml.How can i do that please help me
  8. Turkuaz

    How to add videos into my wordpress website?

    How do i add all the videos in a wordpress site to my own wordpress site automatically? I saw some wordpress sites."I saw that note these videos added from another websites".How can i do that?I am searching but i did not find.
  9. sooraj2008

    TaTaTu Airdrop Already In CMC

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  10. Yallah123

    Youtube Trends

    Hey Guys, I want to go with my Videos to Youtube Trends in Germany and i have one question. I know that i can buy on the website: qqtube Youtube High Retention Geo Views. And if i buy Nederlands Geo Views can i go to german trends because Nederland is in Europe like Germany?
  11. J


    Hey everybody! Does it works? Its real? Why you choose it?
  12. devonta121

    (Youtube) Do you guy back up your channel videos?

    I want to know do any of you backup your videos incase something goes wrong with your channel? I backed up all my video except my recent ones.
  13. B

    Make $60-$90/month on autopilot [USA ONLY]

    This website allows you to watch videos (with ads) and earn money for every 3 ads you see. You earn a little less than a penny for each 3 ads - and it runs automatically forever. The video just needs to be in view. So if you have an extra monitor, simply put it on half your screen, and...
  14. slovenian

    Is there a way to steal hentai videos for my site?

    Hello Mates, Im building a hentai site and its going good, but I need more video options to share, I tried to steal the videos from another hentai sites and it´s not working so good, I just copy the link from the wanted video (code source) and put it with embed video code in my site, only works...
  15. S

    Youtube Tech videos

    GO to youtube search for sanket naikwadi and subscribe my youtube channel for awesome tech videos with latest tech reviews and news also.
  16. manosteel211

    Free Gaming Videos

    If would like to download some free gaming videos go to They have over 12k collection of various video game videos. Most are old school and don't get much organic traffic. I have only checked a few games out and those specific videos were not on youtube. So i would say its safe to...
  17. doz4

    BUY Gameplay videos

    i need 30 game play videos length 10-11 minutes each i can pay via btc only and about price i am not sure but i am open for offers
  18. K

    Viso catalyst and youtube analytics

    Well today i got my account on viso catalyst, although they updated my $2 revenue, they didn't update the other $4. are the $4 from the revenue share with BBTV or something? Youtube analytics: Viso catalyst:
  19. saisannihith

    Please help me regarding online videos.

    I want an online video drive where no one can claim a copyright on an uploaded video. This is just kind off piracy. I want that video to stay forever so that no one can delete or claim that video. If there is any website like that please message below.Thanks a ton! :) --- Post updated ---...
  20. Dragon

    How to monetize Cartoons videos on YouTube

    How to monetize Cartoons videos on YouTube?