1. reza659401

    seller of telegram and Instagram services

    Hi I'm Reza Abdollahporr I sell Instagram and telegram services like member-followers-views- votes and likes -bot referral etc. I'm looking for my first international fixed costumer and i guess i would be able to find even more thank one thanks everyone
  2. G

    Need a Youtube View Bot - I PAY for this.

    Hello Everyone.. Just wondering if someone selling or if i can bought any youtube views for really cheap of cost. Im not a 'Member' yet, so i can't see topics of selling things because i dunno have any permissions. If someone selling a youtube view bot, please reply or contact me via pm. I can...
  3. A

    447,052 view for only 23.57$ !!!!!!!!!

    Hi guys, first of all i am sorry for bad English ... can you imagine this? 447k views for only 23$ !!!!! the problem is traffic coming from india, $1.91 for 134,817 views (30% of total views) OK, i know 40% of visitors used Ad-blocks or even more, but i think 10000% of Indian used it :) Also i...
  4. A

    Youtube Views

    I want to buy 2000 views in total. The views need to be delivered same day. Let me know the prices.
  5. Harwinder

    [GUIDE] Get Free Massive Legit Youtube Traffic

    How to Get Massive Legit YouTube Traffic Importance of Titles: Importance of Tags Importance of Description Importance of Video Thumbnail Be the first to upload There are several facts that need to be keep in mind I personally think legit traffic is a must be if you are using TE...
  6. P0gunicorn

    [Let's Discuss] << Future expectations >>

    Guys so i got an idea... Let's talk about your view on future and what you think, how people will be living their lives in 2050 -> or more :) or talk about your personal live where you think you will be etc.. Hope TBN will be still UP, we will see ...
  7. JReimer

    CPM ad network /

    Hi, I used the last day the new cpm ad network "" with view-banner and view-layer. I used TE (hitleap and and they said that is OK. Here my payment proof: Payment duration was here 15 days (requested 15th feb)...
  8. Aliasger00


    Selling NON DROP YOUTUBE VIEWS 2000+. information: ★ Split Available (3 video) ★ Fast delivery ★ World Wide different ip views ★ high retention views OTHER SERVICE: 3000 Twitter followers 2$ 2000+ HQ YOUTUBE VIEWS 1.50$ !!!SALE!!! VOUCHES: @vandallism : great, thanks :)
  9. I

    looking for pay per view banners

    searching for pay per view standards on my site low payouts no trick pays 100% any one know any great ones that dont simply trick out of cash
  10. L

    Alexa master proxy bot?

    Most of you know how Alexamaster works. You get a surfing link which you can open on many vps/computers to get points. Is there a Bot which opens this surfing link a few times at once with many proxies? For example 100 proxies open this surfing link at once and keep it opened so it will give...
  11. V

    [UltraViews] The Best YouTube Exchanger

    Hey guys i just wanted to tell you that if you want YouTube views use ultra views it watches the full video and ad if you go to the ultra view website you can downlode the app
  12. davidaguitar

    What best method for views adsense?

    What best method for increase views youtube with adsense?