1. M

    [Linux] 247WebHits Standalone Viewer

    @Rubber the owner of IP-Rotator has coded a standalone linux viewer for 247WebHits. It is of course free and easy to use, you can download it here. Features: - Lightweigt, easy to install (only 1 command needed) - Runs with firefox - Auto-Restarts every hour Quick installation Guide - Your...
  2. Rastof Jr.

    HitLeap on Linux - The fast way

    Hello guys As we were all noticed that there was a new version of HitLeap Viewer for Linux In spite of that I have successfully found a new method to install it on Linux the easier and effortless way. The method is currently applying for Ubuntu Here are things we need: 1. An Ubuntu VM, of...
  3. K

    Teslahits: restart browser every x interval

    Hey, So I'm kinda new in this traffic exchange thingy. I'd like to start and gather some points on my linux vps. I already have around 5000 points, but TeslaHits always loses the connection after few hours, and I get an "undefined" blank page with the viewer freezed. Is it possible to restart...