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  1. shaheertiger

    SELL Youtube 9000 Views +100 Likes for only $8

    I am starting my new service for youtube views :) As the title says 9000 youtube views FAQ Retention of Around 75% Desktop Views Only Video of 5 minutes max Starting within 24-48 hours Turn off ads before buying Can split upto 10 vids Traffic from facebook+twitter Bypass 301 views :awyeah...
  2. Aliasger00

    4000+ Good Retention Youtube Views + splitable

    PRICE: 3 DOLLAR! VIA PAYPAL DELIVERY TIME :24 HOURS OR UP TO 5 DAYS OR LESS ! YOUTUBE VIEWS FEATURES Slow And Safe Views Split Available Safe views - Tested after the SEP 2015 update Desktop (windows) traffic Embed webpages + direct referrals Start Within 12-16 hrs Over delivering...