vps linux

  1. Nicholus

    Cheap VPS Suggestion

    Hi all I need to deploy my Rails application. So though I have heroku to test it, but after buying domain(from BigRocks), I need a VPS for production. Does anyone here help me out to get cheapest available option? (Heroku and AWS I know) Thanks
  2. K

    Teslahits: restart browser every x interval

    Hey, So I'm kinda new in this traffic exchange thingy. I'd like to start and gather some points on my linux vps. I already have around 5000 points, but TeslaHits always loses the connection after few hours, and I get an "undefined" blank page with the viewer freezed. Is it possible to restart...
  3. S

    BUY vps linux $1 full 30days

    I need linux vps $ 1 per vps with 1 core 1gb ram, a full 30 days, if you got pm me...