vps method

  1. SmokeyBear

    (I pretend to be me every now and then) Free VPS again (uk)

    This promotion has been going on for a while and people have massively used these trial VPS, so you might have heard of this site already: http://www.ukrdc.net/ Click on try VPS (first packages) - Fill in info. Afterwards you should get an e-mail with your dashboard link and a password. Next...
  2. SmokeyBear

    Free VPS (different OSes/sizes etc) - Phone Verification Required (ok dis getting raped, be quick)

    smokeybear the goat sharing vps methods for the indians again even though yall are ungrateful pieces of shit https://www.skytap.com/skytap-trial/ scroll down, fill in the form at the right. as i stated, it's already getting raped, I used a sms receiver and it work BUT you will notice the...
  3. S

    FREE 2 Linux VPS or 1 Windows VPS For 1 Month

    Not Working Anymore.