1. KianiHosting

    SELL Starting from 3€ | Affordable, Stable and Reliable | Dedicated server, VPS, Webhosting

    This is a place holder for the sales thread design In the meantime, you may visit our website https://kianihosting.fi/
  2. o0n3m00o

    SELL DarkVPS.Net - Renewable Windows VPS/RDP - Only 3USD - SSD - Anti Suspend - Dedicated IP - Full Administrator - Money Back Guarantee

    Cheapest Windows VPS/RDP with dedicated IP Anti Suspend, Stable and Money Back Guarantee! This is not trial from googlecloud, vultr, aws etc. We bought Dedicated Server and setup them with our hand! Stock limited, first come first service! PROMO Code: tbn1 for mini package at 3usd only! Our...
  3. Dracossos

    Free VPS SSD 25% cut off Coupon

    Hey mates, I just found multiply applicable 25 % cut off on the VPS servers in https://www.wedos.com/vps-ssd By received information, it should be valid till May 2021. Good luck:)
  4. freelancers

    SELL Linode 100$ Ac Available

    Hi I have Linode 100$ Credit Available Ac Price : 11 $ Your 100$ Starts on Linode When you will get ac Delivery Within 24Hr Terms and Conditions If I am not able to provide Ac I will refund If ac gone down I am not responsible. Contact me I will create ac and once created I will send...
  5. freelancers

    SELL Selling Windows VPS 2021

    Hi Guys I am selling Windows Vps 2012 And Windows 2016 Windows VPS For 30 Days. 1 Core 2GB Ram Windows Vps : 2.50$ For 30 Days 2 Core 4GB Ram Windows Vps : 4.80 $ For 30 Days For More Config Please Contact Terms and conditions :: 1) You cannot Do Mining on this Vps, Hacking Or Anything...
  6. freelancers

    BUY Need Vps In Bulk

    NEED 1Gb Ram Vps In Bulk For 30 Days Best Price Needed
  7. funaddaa

    SELL Extreme VPS Shop - CHEAP VPS START AT $3

  8. funaddaa

    SELL Full Microsoft Azure Panel With 170 euro balance

    Azure Panel for sale. With 170 euro Balance For 30 days. Panel created 10-June-2020 Price $20 Payment Method: Paypal or Bitcoin Contact at telegram @madmaxyz
  9. zzdown

    SELL Sell your own VPSes to your clients Package for 12 VPSes for $70

    What do you get? Your own Dedicated Bare metal server 24GB Ram 24 Cores 500GB Harddrive 500Mbit dedicated uplink 12 Dedicated IPV4 Addresses How to make VPSes? You get access to your own controlpanel to manage your VPSes, In this panel you can create your own vpses for your clients, Every...
  10. Blaze

    Are websites able to detect VM's (VPS)?

    Hi, Are websites able to detect if the visitor uses a Virtual Machine aka a VPS? Need the info for a project.
  11. lawjestaw

    SELL #1 RDP & VPS Store | Cheapest on market | Huge sale 48H

    !!Huge SALE for the next 48 Hour!! Welcome to TBN's RDP & VPS Store Here you can get High Quality and Cheap RDP ------------ Location : US, Virginia Duration : 28-35 days Renewable: Non-renewable Usage: Child porn not allowed ------------ Payment method: BTC | or PP (For high ranking...
  12. Newton

    SELL IPTS 80 VPS traffic [120k pts(hits)/day] for $100/mo (jingling)

    Yep. You will have full control through http://vip.ipts.com. You can set custom refferer, User Agent/Device/OS, Location, Pop-ups, sub-page visits, pretty much everything. You can block bad IPs too. One VPS config - 1 GB RAM, 1 Core, 20 GB SSD. (Generates 1500 pts/day) So 80*1500 = 120,000...
  13. Newton

    SELL 60 VPS farm [Jingling, IPTS, Hitleap etc.] [Managed]

    As the title says. 60 VPS running jingling or hitleap or whatever you wish. Specs for each VPS: 768mb RAM 6GB SSD 1 Core Windows Not selling VPS individually. Only bulk. Price: $180 (+ Management, daily monitoring extra, if you want them) Accepting PayPal (F&F) and BTC
  14. arierep60

    SELL Atlantic.net Cloud Accounts with Port 25 Opened

    I am selling Atlantic.net Cloud Accounts with Port 25 Opened. Get started with 12 months of free VPS hosting in the cloud! Free Tier includes: G2.1GB Cloud VPS Server, Free to Use for One Year 50 GB of Block Storage, Free to Use for One Year 50 GB of Snapshots, Free to Use for One Year And...
  15. MrMedo

    BUY Very Cheap Windows VPS To Host Conquer Private Server (Less Than $5)

    Hello TBN Members, Just waking up yesterday and found a great idea. Create a non profitable classic conquer private server (Patch 5095). the server goal will be getting fun with friends and remember those old days (conquer were very famous in my country when i were kid). I will need a very...
  16. arierep60

    BUY Atlantic.Net accounts

    Hi guys, I want to buy Atlantic.net accounts My price is 3$ each and I need like 5 or 10 per day. It's a simple job, you just need email and a vcc to verify account, you DON'T need phone verification for this... PM me if you can do the job...
  17. sunnymaker

    trying to connect to vps but always fail

    I'm trying to open this vps using Windows 7 remount desktop program but she always fail, she tell me a lot of errors like the server is not active , time out etc.. but I'm sure she are active might be its a problem from the provide. I have tried also to connect using other remount desktop...
  18. adeelshezad

    SELL Amazon AWS Account With Vps

    Hi Peeps! Long Time huh! I am selling Amazon Aws Accounts with VPS ruuning in it Anyone interested and wanna Buy...Pm me :) very Reasonable Price !
  19. SimonEleven


    Closed, problems with inefficient supplier.
  20. SimonEleven

    Planing on opening a VPS shop, need your opinions.

    STORE IS OPEN NOW: https://thebot.net/threads/affordable-windows-vps-store.413160/ Hello everyone so lately i was planing to open a affordable and flexible Windows VPS store, but I am not too confident about it so I need you opinion on my offers 1 Month 2 Cores 1GB RAM 150 GB SSD = 3$ 2...