web dev

  1. JokWyZ

    What type of site have best possible earning and easy to build?

    can anybody suggest me which site should i build ? which needs low server cost and gives good revenue ?, i want to start a website of my own...
  2. xcash

    SELL Web and App Development service

    Hello TBNer's! I'm a Computer Scientist here to help you develop your websites and iOS applications. I'm really good on HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java, Swift and Python. I have good for TBN! Contact me for a quote. Check my projects at http://github.com/omardlhz One of the projects that I...
  3. 247WebHits

    NEED A PHP Programmer

    Hello if you or anyone you know is a php programmer and knows about traffic exchanges then please DM me on here! Thanks!