website review

  1. Markz

    REVIEW MY SITE Website Review

    Hi, We recently made a lot of changes to our website both with design and functionality, it`s purpose is to verify or receive SMS online. Would appreciate feedback from members of the forum and appreciate your time. Thank you.
  2. D

    REVIEW MY SITE Please review my sports website

    Please, review my sports website.Suggestions and criticisms are highly welcomed.
  3. nilkam

    REVIEW MY SITE Review My First site

    Hello everyone, this is my site please check it out and let me know what you think. I would gladly take any improvements you want to suggest. Link to my site is below: thank you
  4. S

    REVIEW MY SITE Please review My adult site--

    Hi friends, Please review my Adult (p o r n) site hope all of you help me to improve the website visibility, and traffic.
  5. cassmtl

    2 girls 1 eCommerce site - seeking honest feedback!

    Hi, Two months ago my best friend and I decided to start an online store. With backgrounds mostly in marketing, we had no idea how to build a website, but after a few Wordpress tutorials and many, many headaches, our site, Salt n Pop, is now live! Salt n Pop is basically a hand-picked...
  6. mhdnsn

    Please review my Blog-Site

    Hey, guys can you please review my site :) My site: Site still not complete I need to add more post Please tell me what to do & what to change I thank for people who reply me :)