1. mbd

    REQUEST Websyndic Bot Request

    I am requesting bot that can be run in Firefox ( Windows or Linux ) For Websyndic Surfing. Simply just surf Lightweight and wait time and go to surf URL again to prevent crash, as it's crashed if usually put it on browser. No just surfing and prevent crash by going to URL after period of...
  2. M

    Introduction and my new Websyndic bot.

    Hi guys! I'm not necessarily new to this website. I'v been referred to this website from google since I can remember. But I figured I should make an account (a couple years ago xD) So I could show you all my new Websyndic Bot and introduce myself... My names Darren, as of right now I'm 18, I...
  3. martin199631

    SELL selling 2 million websyndic credits

    Have approx 2 million websyndic credits accounts Pm me your best rate so we can processed further Payment Mode BTC Or any indian wallets or IMPS I don't know actually ongoing rate but as i can see websyndic sale 1 million credit in there big sale for 50$ so for 2 million views i can...
  4. ViN!

    BUY Buying Websyndic & Autowebsurf & Otohits accounts

    Hello.. I am looking for Websyndic & Autowebsurf & Otohits accounts. Or I can hire people who can farm credits (big amounts) Needed Amount: I Need 200-300M credits. at least 1M credits per account. Price: $5 per 1M credits for Websyndic, Autowebsurf accounts. (could be changed depending on...
  5. pablito23

    SELL VPS only $2.50 for Month (hitleap-otohits-websyndic)

    Yes 1 Vps 1GB Ram only 2.50 USD. Accept Paypal or Bitcoin Is very cheap (very fast VPS) Is ready for use with RDP WINDOWS I give you the vps with the applications hitleap and otohits installed and sh run websyndic. So you can start immediately. I have 500 vps to RENT Specifications VPS...
  6. TroubleJS

    Have some questions [PTP,Youtube,TE:Websyndic...]

    1) Skillerz PTP accept TE? 2) Can i get YouTube views with TE (with Unique ip) ,can i have some profit ? 3) I have a lot of credits in Websyndic,Hitleap ,how to use this? Thank you ;)
  7. rob1408

    SELL CHEAP Websyndic Account

    ONLY 7$ Payment: thru PP only.. send as a gift --- Post updated --- Bump for the day :grin::grin::grin::score:
  8. J

    Websyndic.com down ?

    Hello, Websyndic is down or what ? I can't access to is.. You have the same problem or it's just me ? Thanks
  9. csegenypeter

    18 million Websyndic credits

    I have 18 million Websyndic credits. I think what you use it for? Where and for how much can I sell?
  10. csegenypeter

    Seeking ADS networks

    Seeking ADS networks, who accept the fake traffic e.g. Hitleap, Otohits, Websyndic, etc.
  11. X

    Best VPS?

    Just wondering what is the best VPS to rank up credits on websyndic
  12. T

    Websyndic bot, the come back !

    Hello All, I haven't been quite active these last months, a bit too much work ^^. Now that I have much more time: I started back some time ago the dev of a new version of my old websyndic bot. I actually have a working version (tested under multiple VPS, not caught by websyndic for now), it...
  13. Hancar

    Websyndic and Otohits, they worth today?

    Hi, what do you think, Websyndic and Otohits worth to use them? Are they alive today?
  14. doz4

    BUY websyndic 50k account

    like title say i need a websyndic account which have 50K-70K point
  15. ViN!

    SELL Traffic exchange accounts (Hitleap & Websyndic)

    Hello ... I got some traffic exchange accounts to sell. 1- Hitleap Price: $0.8/10k ______________ 2- Websyndic Price: $15 _______________ I accept WMZ, Bitcoin, Neteller and paypal as gift. send me a pm of you need any.
  16. userandom

    SELL Hitleap, Websyndic Account and Otohits Points

    SELL hitleap and websyndic account and otohits points : - Hitleap account : All 3 accounts = 2.5 $ SOLD to @Hancar 1. 18,741 minutes 2. 9,734 minutes 3. 10,137 Minutes - Otohits points : 0.5$/mil 1. 2 143 271 Points - Websyndic Account : 1. Credits = 88457.6 for 1$ - SOLD Pay BTC/PP gift...
  17. bhavneetmonu

    need Websyndic restarter script for WINDOWS .bat file

    hi guys like title says i need websyndic restarter script for windows thnx or can i run multiple TE on one browser i found lots of tutorial but all r using linux i need windows instruction thnx
  18. M

    Hello TBS'er ! Nice to meet you. I'm developer.

    I've just joint in TBS for some week. I really to make money online but my knowledge is not enough. Anybody please help me. Now I have a channel which has joint in fullscreen Net and I'm earning money from Websyndic. But I just can earn 1$ each day with 10 vps. Please suggest me some advices...
  19. doz4

    BUY websyndic 50k account

    like title says i need an account with 50k-60k maximum payment via btc or PM
  20. robby4you

    SELL Websyndic account with 1M Points 12$

    12$ Paypal Gift !