1. Rangers

    Smoking/Edible Weed Before/After Workout Is Good/Not

    Hey there, Just another Indian here with a new question. Before creating this thread I did some research on the internet to find out is it good to smoke a bug before/after hitting the gym. Lot of my friends suggest to smoke before the work and few suggest to smoke after work out since you...
  2. bob860

    TV SHOW SuperHigh (They got weed. They got powers)

    Trailer Super High 1-3 https://bit.tube/play?hash=Qmd1EjGxDUmvJEgja4B7Lbk4abCUPVKEa3fQCzj38YuicM&channel=6765 Super High 4-6 https://bit.tube/play?hash=QmXRchXZE275tcwm7QVHy2BDqVhWnPWcPEqnzUGKPRhU9V&channel=6765 Super High 7-10...