1. N

    Hello there

    Hello, My name is Gamal Farag and i have discovered this great community by luck when i was searching for RPA Stuff. i wish i could be useful for community. i have a great experience making bots for social networks or movie uploading hosts, also i'm a graphic and web developer. i will try to...
  2. F

    My first day on TBN

    Hello everyone, my name is ForTheWatch and today is my first day here on TBN! I was brought here by a friend that told me this site was useful and amazing. I am posting here to give my first impressions after my first few hours exploring what this site has to offer. First off I see the strict...
  3. M

    Back to thebot.net after 6 years

    I have used to use the botnet.com in 2011-2012 and today after 6 years, suddenly the website came in front of me. I logged and its good like past. how are guyz ? are the old members 2011-2012 still active?
  4. B


  5. T

    hi guys, i am new member

    Hi guys, I'm new to this community, I hope we can get along and help each other. I am a fan of computers and computer systems. I do not know many and I would like to be part of the community to learn more about computer issues I would like recommendations to learn how to create bots, where do...
  6. bulkfollows

    Bulkfollows Back

    Hello Everyone !! My name is Emam. I am back after a long time. Here again to learn something from you people. I hope you people will support me. Thanks --- Post updated --- I am interested to give Social media giveaways to 100 forum member. Please let me know how can i do this ?
  7. K

    Welcome Message from kkubaczka! And more

    I would like to welcome everyone here in TheBot Network. My Intrests are: Earning Money Online Websites (HTML, PHP) Crypto-Currencies (New and Old) Online Marketing More to come... If there is anything related to those points that you require help with, I am looking forward to help. Please...
  8. C

    Hello Came Back

    i came back after long time from absence , was at Italy for long time , missed TBN alot
  9. J

    I can make it good

    Hello, im new in this, and i want to learn a lot.
  10. M

    Hi, I'm an advanced bot developer

    Hi guy's im an advanced bot developer. I would love to share my bots in the community! And get new idea's for bots from the bot request section. So far i have built email account creators, reddit account creator and poster, web2.0's creators and posters, Quora account creator (2 parts...
  11. Z

    Hi im zentrix

    hi, im a chilean, 19 years old and i want to learn how to have a little proffit in internet
  12. A

    I am a new member here

    Hello everyone I am a new member I hope that I will be welcome I join you to take profit from your experiences and sharing my experiences with you and giving you some solutions if I can
  13. B

    My name is Blitz99 from the London here to show what i can do

    Hi my name here is Blitz99 I am new to TBN! Nice to meet you all from the UK: the London I speak some English, a bit French I have come to show what i can do: I am a novice designer etc but interested in making money and (bitcoins) and botting and all the stuff on offer Here is some of my work!!
  14. J


    Hello to all. Just joined and excited to see what I can offer the community.
  15. S


    Hello friends, stumbled on the site while looking for a way of living a better life. Hope to learn alot from you all! thanks
  16. G

    hello guys

    hope to enjoy here guys thanks , all welcome
  17. I

    Hello world

    Hello, fellow users of TBN I'm new here but I can't wait to make a whole lot of frinds ;) Inertia
  18. S


    Thanks for adding me I am a new guy here from Alaska!!!
  19. S


    Thanks for adding me I am a new guy here from alaska!!!
  20. G

    Hello World

    I'm new here. I like to meet new friends that will help me.