1. W

    I am new here

    I am new here to look for some bots related to whatsapp and instagram. Please allow me in. Thank you!
  2. Babi

    NEWS Whatsapp is down

    Few minutes ago whatsapp is down. But I think now is back in some regions
  3. jokerdark

    SELL Whatsapp USA PVA

    SELL Whatsapp USA PVA Payment: 1$ Inbox me if you're interested --- Post updated --- up for sale . SELL Whatsapp USA PVA Payment: 1$ --- Post updated --- SELL Whatsapp USA PVA Payment: 1$ up for sale
  4. ElDorado

    TECH TALK Whatsapp's New Feature - Quote Message !

    WhatsApp is testing “Quote” Feature in its Android App WhatsApp introduces a new feature which is available on iOS and Android updates for some users, it allows you to directly answer particular message sent within a conversation as a quote. This characteristic will be available for both...
  5. writers4all

    Review My Classic Text(Quotes) Website

    Hello Again, Am building a site for fun and though i would try out the new name extension .xyz... I built a site for short quotes, where you can get all the classic short messages for your email, whatsapp, skype and anything you want to use it for. Please check my website and let me know what...
  6. web7

    SELL Cheap HQ US Phone Verification (Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, Yahoo, and Many More...)

    We provide Cheap SMS Verification services, give you bulk Mobile number (USA) use for SMS verification. Price: $0.80/Sms - 2nd sms for $0.50/sms (Resend activation available just for 1 month after purchase) **** Instant Verification - Via Skype **** We accept Paypal Verified & Neteller We can...
  7. karansudhi

    Created Funny Videos Blog W8ing for adsense

    Any type of suggestion and help how much time it will take to approve adsense its new and hosted account http://whatsappvideosforyou.blogspot.in
  8. karansudhi

    Is this Good or Not ?

    Is is good me working hard on my youtube channel giving all my time on sharing my videos in websites group blog forum But Still