windows azure

  1. funaddaa

    SELL Full Microsoft Azure Panel With 170 euro balance

    Azure Panel for sale. With 170 euro Balance For 30 days. Panel created 10-June-2020 Price $20 Payment Method: Paypal or Bitcoin Contact at telegram @madmaxyz
  2. Sunny399

    BUY Need a RDP/VPS at cheap rate

    Hi friends i need rdp for simple mining from computta software. i hope i can get it here at cheap rates i want windows rdp
  3. R

    SELL Window Azure Accounts At $6 Each

    Hey guys as mentioned in Title , I am selling Windows Azure Trail Accounts with $200 Credit . Price : $6 Payment Method : Bitcoin , PayPal ( As Gift only ) , skrill I'll replace account if there is any problem within 24 hours . Skype : isi.ha3ck4r
  4. lucode

    Thinks to know about AWS Amazon and Azure (Virtual Machines Side)

    As title says... 1-About AWS amazon: For the ones that not know, from some days amazon have change the policy for free tier, before of this changes in the past every user was able to use on EC2 all regions and limit for instances was 20 on all regions. I think, beacuse of many accounts that...
  5. Shniezel

    BUY Buying Cheap VCC that can activate Windows Azure Verication!

    Hello i'm looking for a cheap VCC that can activate Windows Azure Registration, if you kindly PM or comment below! hopefully somebody can offer a lower price! Thanks! PS: I can pay via PAYPAL