windows server

  1. arifsha

    SELL Selling Aws Amazon 1 limit 3 region and 2 limit full region accounts for very cheap

    AWS Amazon 2 limit full region accounts for sale Only $4.59 per ac ! 3 days 1 time replace warranty ! No illegal stuff like mining etc allowed if do illegal stuff and ac banned then no replace at all. Account works long time if your make 6 to 8 vps at a time 1 by 1, if u make many vps all at...
  2. xtreme990

    [Question] Windows Dedicated Server Recommendation for TE

    Need a windows dedi for making 35-40 on it for 247, tutu, websyndic What do you guys recommend? Dont have a budget in mind atm, just looking for some advice.
  3. PlayTime

    [Method] $25 AWS FREE CREDIT

    Hi Guys, Few simple steps & receive AWS $25 Free Credit. :smile: Just Go Here - Add your details. Hit submit. after wait 20-30 minutes. Done :love:
  4. dina1992

    run easyphp and xampp on aws

    how to run easyphp or xampp or wamp on amazon vps i tried many times but failed easyphp running but i cant enter to the web address firewall turned off i tried samp steps on another provider and the process was done any help ?