Website building tools!!!

    I want to build a new website (I tried before, but I didn't get any success with the niche) so I'm planning this time to build a multiple website (one monetized with Adsense and one nsfw website): Can someone suggest: Cheap Domain name and Hosting (accept Wordpress and nsfw content) some basic...
  2. Moham3dS

    GoDaddy WordPress Hosting for only $1/month+Free Domain Name

    GoDaddy is having a special offer on the Basic Managed WordPress Hosting – startings at $12/year (Rs 708), plus one FREE .COM, .CO, .NET or .ORG. Link:here Coupon:CJCWPH1
  3. Mrkilla

    Need a wordpress smartass who could solve this!

    Hey, I was just wondering, is there a possible way i would be able to set default tags for all the future post on my wordpress site. What i want to do it set the tags as default for all future post somehow and then like with a shortcode that will post the title in the tags, for example let's say...
  4. delfin101

    How to secure your WORDPRESS site

    Before anything else, I just want to emphasize that Security is an illusion. There's no such thing as hack-proof but making some precautions can help your site to prevent attacks. There are many plugins that provide security to a wordpress site but I will not be covering them. Just google them...
  5. nilkam

    suggest me wp theme for Video site?

    Hello friends i want to create new anime hentai video site suggest me wp theme for Video site thanks sorry for my bad english
  6. TonyMan

    SELL Get your adult site ready in minutes!

    Thinking starting an adult blog or tube site? Well you can import this XML file in Wordpress quick and easy! It is loaded with over 10,000 post for an Wordpress adult blog or tube site Also, over 60 categories Using this file will jumpstart your adult site. You can get this for $10 Or...
  7. LightningXD

    How to bank with WordPress/Blogger + CInstaller.

    How To Bank With WordPress/Blogger + Cinstaller Hi TBN members, I'm going to share my own 'Money making method' that works with free domain and blogspot blogs, it doesn't matter where you start it's how you start it. These days hacks, hacking tools and nearly all of the tools have surveys...