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  1. fedi96

    REVIEW MY SITE Review my nulled scripts sharing site

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  2. tekkiguru

    wordpress theme similar to http://pligg.com/downloads/template/otnewz-pligg-theme/

    Hi I need a wordpress theme which is similar to http://pligg.com/downloads/template/otnewz-pligg-theme/. I am going to install wordpress in my main site and pligg in the sub domain. I want to have both mail domain and sub domain look alike. I confirmed that i have to use that same pligg...
  3. Jordankrish

    TECH TALK Why we should prefer Premium themes while there are many free themes available?

    Hi, I'm going to start a new WordPress blog on web hosting services and I'm searching for a suitable theme. There are many options available on internet but I'm bit confused whether I have to choose a premium or a free theme. Where will I lack if I choose a free theme?