1. Turkuaz

    How can i edit and re-uplaod sitemap.xml file?

    I have wordpress site.I can create sitemap.xml file with yoast or another plugin.I can download it.And i can edit it with notepad ++ but i can't re-upload it. This video explains what I want to do. 1602223258 Please help me
  2. Blaze

    +2000 WordPress Themes & Plugins | FREE

    Hello TBN. I am giving away over 2000 WordPress Themes & Plugins to everyone, completely free of charge. Ofc. there isn't any activation / license code with them, but you are still able to use them for whatever you want! GNU General Public License (GPL) of all the themes and plugins. All files...
  3. samesame


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  4. A

    If you to bulidup your career as a freelancer

    HI, My name is Awais Javeed i have three years experience in Blogger Wordpress Fiverr and Auto Blogging now i decide to teach my all experience with you in Completed Earning Money Zero to Hero in Fiverr enroll now and increase your knowledge and income with new best and easy skill Thanks...
  5. Turkuaz

    How can i do my own such as Govideo theme?

    I installed Govideo theme in wordpress .It works but in my site does not appear as small images in that theme. I created some post and i added some youtube videos with iframe.They are appear so: (Little picture is not available) When i click on a post(for example buray-kabahat bende)video...
  6. A

    website ideas

    Hi i can get a free hosting and free domain i need a website ideas Something i could monetize
  7. Turkuaz

    Wordpress5 error.How to fix it?

    Friends,i use wampserver localhost.Also i use wordpress5.I uploaded a theme on wordpress.It installed successfully and i activated it.But when i tried to enter my website i see current theme and i saw this error: Access denied for user 'wpcomtr_upload'@'localhost' (using password: YES) How...
  8. Turkuaz

    How to use rss(get content) in wordpress?

    I am searching on net and also i am watching videos about rss but i cant use rss.How can i use rss in wordpress? Can I transfer a site to my own site with using rss?
  9. Turkuaz

    The problem of going out of Wordpress site!

    Friends I embed video from any site to my wordpress site. But when I click on the video from which site I've embed it going to the site.How do I prevent when the person clicking on the video to leave the mywebsite
  10. Turkuaz

    How to add videos into my wordpress website?

    How do i add all the videos in a wordpress site to my own wordpress site automatically? I saw some wordpress sites."I saw that note these videos added from another websites".How can i do that?I am searching but i did not find.
  11. Turkuaz

    How to i do transfer wordpress to blogspot?

    Friends, i want to transfer content of my wordpress website to blogspot.Or can i install wordpress into blogspot is it possible?Please help me I searched in youtube i saw only move content from blogspot to wordpress.But I want exactly the opposite
  12. TonyMan

    REVIEW MY SITE vibestarmedia.com | Urban Entertainment Blog

    Here is my vibestarmedia.com I had this site up for a while but i wonder is there anything i need to change?
  13. slovenian

    REVIEW MY SITE My Hentai website-almost 1 year

    Hi bois, I started from scratch 1 year ago, so much fails and wins but now I have like 250- 400 visits daily, basic SEO and many fb accounts blocked (my website got blacklisted too) but still in battle. It´s a little messy in firefox cause the lazy load image tool with my theme. So here it is...
  14. J

    REVIEW MY SITE Review my site?

    Any areas of improvement? I can help you design your website and optimize it with SEO. Send me an email:
  15. maulik007

    Looking For a Skilled Wordpress Developer

    Looking for someone who can optimize my WordPress site to load fast and want to create a plugin or a way to play video like 9gag (auto play on scroll with just tap to mute/unmute ,loop), i have this theme on my site, also want to make some changes in the theme like move the point's button to...
  16. soorajy

    Learn All About wordpress + Adsense = Earning

    how to Install wordpress on localhost wamp server video :- note: you can install localhost and practise before going to live. How to make wordpress themes + using template courses about: WordPress Theme Development with Bootstrap author:Brad Hussey udemy ...
  17. slovenian

    Openload Payment

    Hello fellas, finally my first payment from openload.co running it like my main video streamin hentai videos, it took me like 2 months to get the minimum payment $20, they took some fee but nvm, like 20k views ~ mostly T1 Hopin to scale the traffic up :giddy:, cheers!
  18. karolispanda

    Wordpress movie site - help!

    Heyy guys, maybe we have a guy who has movie website.. I have a question, how to add a movie without downloading him.. I want to make website for movies online... Any ideas? ;x
  19. Logia

    [NSFW] cannot see the frame of the video

    I have an adult website but when I click the video it's playing but no frame?
  20. Logia

    Need web hosting that accept adult content and bitcoin

    Hello Does anyone here know where I can get web hosting that accepts adult content and bitcoin as a payment? Thanks for you help! :)