1. Alessandro

    Help me about Google adsense

    Hi , I have a monetized channel and working there . I have submitted transfer my money from google adsense to bank , but its took more than 12 days now that Im waiting to have my money in bank but still not. Would you please help me how long should i wait ? Or there is any problem ? Thank you all
  2. M

    Hello World

    Hello everyone, Im not really a newly created acc, I just roam here and find some good topics. By the time I need to access those sub section does a requirements. So hello again everyone. I am looking for youtube subscriber bot if it is exist here?
  3. thewordis

    Kinda important to adsence and youtube

    Please note that AdSense will soon no longer show YouTube metrics. The best place to see your estimated earnings and other monetization metrics is the YouTube Analytics Revenue report.
  4. j2washere

    Adsense v.s IFree Network?

    Hi TBN folks, just want to have some inputs on this, been building my youtube channel and was wondering if anyone can give some advice here. What would be the best choice here IFree or Adsense? My channel is Legit no copyrights video. Thanks
  5. j2washere

    Just a quick Question About YT

    Hey, guy's I have been seeing YT channels about anime and they don't have any ads on it. My question is how are they monetizing it without ads? or are they just uploading this videos for a hobby or for fun? Any thoughts about this?
  6. Y

    I am new here

    i am not new here i registered my account many days ago , but i didnt post anything and i didn't comment anywhere , but i visit forum everyday Wish everybody a good day
  7. N

    How to make money in youtube using tvshow in india?

    How to make money in youtube using tvshow in india? Can any one guide me how to make some money in youtube with tv serial in india. I saw lot of thread here: Good to see fast money on this thread can you help me to get some money...
  8. E

    Youtube Is Not Dead

    hi youtoube is not dead ive got accepted by freedom 4 days 3 days ago and now i start to use traffic exchange for my videos i send from 1k to 3k views per day to 2-3 videos becouse i don't have to much points but the views are monetized who have vps and want to...
  9. R

    hello i want to be a youtubers

    hello folks , i am rita trio and i am 24 years of ages my dream is want to be a youtuber and wanna earn from youtuber , i would be greatful to know your thoughts on my dream
  10. D

    Journey to 20K?

    so i visit this site and see one can earn 20K per month with YT? Niice, only that i cant read the post..
  11. moros7txc

    Please save the people who are making money on ytb = TE

    the departure of 22 hits is one thing for TE alarm. 1. There are too many views from Linux, and rightly so because it is cheaper than Windows . - Increase the percentage of viewers with windows. (Windows received 80%, linux received 60%) 2 . videos have thousands of views but do not like +...
  12. donamin

    [GET] $300 Tube [email protected] + Bonuses + OTO

    [GET] $300 Tube hck + Bonuses + OTO Sales Page:[email protected] Download:!IIcWTDZb!LmLoirRIUFHEpyUtfppa3oivi5132-BPzyYAikwK8ok
  13. OPS

    Youtube now is paying for minutes!

    According to the video below yt now is paying for minutes, any one got this ?
  14. razorr06

    Is this good CPM ?

    hey wassup so 3 days ago i spend 40k with 22hits just to test and then today i look into my yt and i saw this : i know the cpm is low these month but should i continue to send or wait ? edit : network : fullscreen points : i bought 40k just to test VIDEOS : 10+ , no adbreak, 500 hits/h
  15. sy12za

    Let's Everybody Install Flash Player on VPS TE Run

    Few day ago, I saw many TE site can't play video , Youtube , DM on VPS I think have a lot people used TE site run YT or DM have lost hits very much Most happen with DM , if not Install Flash Player Let's Everybody Install Flash Player on VPS TE Run For Windows 2012 Server 1. Disable...
  16. I


    Hey everyone I am just curious what people are making on YouTube when it comes to YouTube and Traffic Exchanges! Please Vote!
  17. B

    suggest me some FREE YT HR views on signup sites???? plzzz

    suggest me please some free HR views youtube on signup?? or any free viewss???
  18. V


    Hey guys i was wondering if any one is getting errors like not loading or when it loads and you click something it get a web pages is not available
  19. V


    So I need a way to get 1k views on every video i uplode any one know how i can get 1k views free