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  1. AlpinaGaming

    Hello, I'm Alpina

    and this is my new account on "" I made it so I could comment and stuff, but... don't follow me or do anything to my account here b/c I'm never gonna be on it. If u want to follow, check my Twitch or YT.
  2. avresthacker

    SELL Youtube Channels Cheap (USA-PVA)<Old> (BULK)

    <<<<<Youtube CHANNEL SELLING POINT>>>> Hello, I'm selling youtube Channel<accounts> in BULK , old , USA PVA, PM me or skype me if you need any. These are Youtube Double USA PVA Channel Verified Accounts Specification Few Months Old Accounts (Sep 2016/Jan 2017) USA Double PVA More than 15 min...
  3. S

    Reasons For Videos Showing On Trending Page of YouTube ?

    Hi All, I was wondering that what is the reason behind a video showing on the Trending Page of YouTube like any specific no of views or engagements which helps it to show there or is there any thing else. As far as I know if a video gets more than 25K views within the 24 hrs of its publishing...
  4. S

    Points To Remember For YouTube Marketing & While Doing YouTube SEO

    YOUTUBE SEO VS GOOGLE SEO 1. Length of video : should be higher then your competitor. 2. YouTube is constantly updating their search algorithm to deliver better user experience. Earlier it was the more views your video get, the higher it would rank. YouTube has got smarter and changed their...
  5. E

    got scammed by @Zombie12345

    hi guys i got scammed by @ Zombie12345 he used my channel with TE (YTMONSTER) my channel is monetized with ifree and now i have suspendated payments unil 10TH FEb please take care guys about his methods of YT
  6. srkpvn

    BUY YouTube Account Channel Without Partnerned

    HI I'm looking a YouTube Account channel with Videos and non partnered account at-least 3 months old account.. If interested PM me Payment Method Bitcoin
  7. K

    Buying Your Monetized Disabled Youtube Partnered Accounts

    I'll buy your unused Monetized Disabled Youtube Partnered Accounts. It doesn't matter if which network it was partner as long as it has at least 10 videos uploaded. If you have one, kindly PM me the channel link and I'll look at it. Price will start at $10 depends on how the channel looks...
  8. U

    SELL $1 Btc/Youtube And Google Accounts, Very Cheap

    * All Accounts Are binded to Google And Youtube . * All Accounts Are 4-5-7 Months Old. * Real Accounts With Full Login Credentials For Your Ease. * Unique Opted Id's On Real Person Names. * Accounts Are Useable Anywhere On any Ip. * Price= Only $1 Paypal or Btc Per Account. ** NOTE...
  9. doz4

    SELL 1-3 month older youtube Accounts - $1

    the main thread here: stock: 30 accounts AutoBuy For all Accounts: Also have more account contact with me paypal(gif) or btc
  10. Dimas

    SELL 2 YouTube Accounts

    Both accounts are in good condition and Monetization is enabled. Account #1 - SOLD 7,255 Views 477 subscribers 13 videos price: $15 ( the price is negotiable ) Account #2 - SOLD 8,066 Views 557 subscribers 6 videos price: $15 ( the price is negotiable ) Payment Methods: PayPal and BTC. I...
  11. doz4

    SELL Youtube Accounts 1-9 month old - Start from 1$

    i have youtube accounts, they are more then 1-9 month old, no subs, no videos, they are empty Accounts hasn't been linked with Adsense This account hasn't been used / attempted to apply for a YT network. Can grow the account and apply to a network New Prices: 1-3 month older >> 1$ /1...
  12. R3XZORS

    BUY Need 1 yr OR 2 yr old Youtube Account !!

    If anyone selling 2012/2013/2014 Youtube Accounts Then contact me. Payment Method- Paypal PM ME YOUR OFFER !! No requirements Its should be enable for monetization that's it.
  13. A

    SELL Unpartnered but aged youtube accounts (Phone Verified)

    First 3 orders are only $1/account Currently selling youtube accounts. These accounts are about 15 days old (they may be a day or two days short) and thus will save you nearly half a month of time of mandatory waiting if you're following Laserus' guide to getting partnered with Fullscreen that...
  14. L

    SELL Gmail accounts

    Hi, I´m selling good quality gmail accounts. You can use them for youtube etc.. Price is 10 accounts/1$ I´m offering 100% guarantee. If your accounts will need phone verification I will send you refund or new accounts.