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  1. anhautobot

    SELL Automatically generate bulk Youtube Playlist.

    Hi guys, I would like to introduce a BOT. Input : - Email List. - List Tittle Playlist. - Link playlist to duplicate. - Number of Playlists to create per channel. BOT operation: - Simulate user manipulation, automatically log into gmail. - Go to each Gmail channel to create (skip the main...
  2. F

    REQUEST Bot for youtube

    Hello! I searched everywhere, but I did not find anywhere. I want a bot for youtube to like videos. Something like , i put 100 accounts, proxis and the youtube link in the bot, and the bot will like the video with all 100 accounts in 2 or 5 hours[delay] for example. It will be the best if i can...
  3. martin199631

    SELL selling 2 million websyndic credits

    Have approx 2 million websyndic credits accounts Pm me your best rate so we can processed further Payment Mode BTC Or any indian wallets or IMPS I don't know actually ongoing rate but as i can see websyndic sale 1 million credit in there big sale for 50$ so for 2 million views i can...
  4. Chillivanilli

    BOT AddMeFast Bot [Lightweight + Fast]

    Today I'm releasing a lightweight and fast bot for Current Version: 1.3 (In the tutorial i forgot to mention that you need to activate the YouTube Data Api in your google account, otherwise the bot will give you an error) FEATURES Only supports YouTube subscribers for now Uses...
  5. Faded

    BUY [BUYING] Custom made Bot

    Hi! I need a bot for a site that will do the following: I will provide it with Google accounts, it needs to use them on the site. Tasks the Bot should be able to do: Clean sessions, login to Google via API or login info. Bot will be used on a Sub4Sub site. I can't provide a lot more...
  6. Tou

    [Request] How to programm a Youtube views Bot?

    Hi guys, I would like to learn how to program a Youtube Views bot exclusively for personal use, but i have no idea from where to start. Could you please link me any kind of tutorial that could be works if well programmed? I just know the vb. net language at the moment, but i'm open to learn...
  7. Faded

    BUY [BUYING] YTMonster Account with 450,000+ credits

    Hi! I need a YTMonster Account with 450,000+ credits. Rate will be as according to the competition, priced at $2/100,000 credits. And no, I am not lowballing, feel free to search around TBN, and you will see that's a normal rate. You might ask, why I am not just buying from the people selling...
  8. E

    Generate unlimited likes,subscribers etc on YT

    Hello I found 2 wonderful exchange websites where you can get subs , likes for videos and other stuff. Works pretty good for me. Russian websites. 1st one is bosslike. Here you can gain points by completing tasks(subs on yt,etc) and then use these points for your tasks...
  9. tiepvip3k

    List Of YouTube Exchangers ( Stick Subscribe, like, comment...)

    Hi everyone, i am making this thread to update people which youtube exchangers are working on youtube, i will try to keep this thread updated, and also, if you have any youtube exchanger to add to this list, please comment below. Utubehits (10/10) Stick Subscribe (Work very good) Stick Like...
  10. GamesWorld

    method to make fake views on youtube undetected 2016?

    hello dear members, what's up? i trying this days to find a method to boost the youtube counter like the sellers on qqtube or on seoclerks doing ^^ i want boost my channel with views because i want of course have more real followers/traffic i try everything, using TBN viewver + proxy, i tried...
  11. Chillivanilli

    BOT YouTube Video Scraper

    Today I'm releasing a small tool for people who wanna scrape videos of a channel. It's free and a part of a series of YouTube tools i'm planning to release This can be pretty helpful in many cases, for example if you wanna get all your video links from your own channel to paste them at a...
  12. Laserus

    BOT YouTube Video Link Scaper Bot! (Made by Laserus)

    Hello everyone! Laserus here, yet again, contributing to TBN! :happy: Today, I am deciding to release a bot that I just made for all the people that use YouTube and upload many videos. I have heard many people complaining because they are uploading hundreds, or thousands of videos, but it's a...
  13. V


    So I need a way to get 1k views on every video i uplode any one know how i can get 1k views free
  14. V


    Hey guys i was wondering if Websyndic is counting views on YouTube because mine are getting stuck at about 100
  15. zzdown

    Apply NetworkMcn Revshar 70% To 95 %

    I'm Not Co I'm Friend Co ;) New Found Apply NetworkMcn Revshar 70% Or 90% Coming Soon 95% FOR VIP Network get faster payments ($1 threshold) and payments through PayPal, Bank wire and Western Union. Why will you earn more with us than with Adsense? Simple, we have a sales team that works...
  16. Faded

    BUY Buying Websyndic Accounts

    Hi, I need Websyndic Credits, so i am buying Accounts. I need 100K+ Credits. Contact me with an offer :)
  17. O

    The best Youtube Bot to put Views

    Hi im doing this post because, I and many people are trying to know the best method to get many views, with the new method of Youtube. I trying to say if there are a other bot to put only many views like Share Youtue Videos, U2Bviews, enhanceviews... My skype: Upperwapo Thanks