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  1. Filatov

    SELL Sale youtube channels without monetization | Mill shop

    QUALITY YOUTUBE CHANNELS WITHOUT MONETIZATION AT A LOW PRICES! (SHORTS) 1. 21.800 subscribers, 1.350.000+ views. • There is no monetization and no strikes on the channel. • Price: $220 | Bargain. 2. 18.000 subscribers, 1.500.000+ views. • There is no monetization and no strikes on the channel...
  2. GamesWorld

    Interested on a Youtube Channel with Monetization enabled

    Hi guys, i see finally youtube move on to review more quickly the review and i notice channels did the appeal before the 1st July 2018 they all completed all review. Unfortunally mine was rejected and soo did anyone can sell a channel with monetization enabled? i don't know the price how much...
  3. Turkuaz

    How to create these videos?

    which program is using this video: Please help me 1524734395 Does anyone have an idea
  4. basamgad

    Youtube Compilation Help

    Hello guys i'm want to ask simple question about compilation videos first of all i make compilation videos and in exchange of copyright i take premission from owners but i have to credits them in description, there another channel copy like 80% if the clips i used them in my compilation? did his...
  5. jokerdark

    SELL YouTube channel with enabled monetization

    SELLING YouTube channel with enabled monetization Price : 10$ BTC/PP/ETH --- Post updated --- SELLING YouTube channel with enabled monetization Price : 10$ BTC/PP/ETH
  6. Wigglytuff

    Support Indie Recording Artists

    Hey, me again ;) So I've been working on getting a YouTube channel for my blog ( ) and finally gotten around to doing that today. I got permission from some indie artists to have their music on my channel so if you love music (all genres), please subscribe and check...
  7. ViN!

    SELL FRESH Youtube Partnered Channels (BBTV, FS, Freedom, ...)

    Hi there .. This is my Youtube Partnered channels shop. I am selling (BBTV, FS, Freedom,....) channels. How it works After you make the purchase, I will send you the channel over your gmail + The MCN dashboard account. Then you change everything to yours. Available Networks: 1- BBTV...
  8. OneSpeak

    SELL High Quality Youtube Monetization enabled channels + its Adsense account

    Hello... I'm selling High quality Youtube channels which has Monetization enabled + its Adsense account. So, what you gonna get? 1- Youtube channel with Monetization enabled like this: Also it's phone verified and has no copyright strikes like this: 2- Its Adsense Account ready to...
  9. GamesWorld

    MAYBE MY CHANNEL BE ELIMINATED?? (How To Recover? :/ )

    hi guys, what's up? on 21 april i received my 3rd copyright claim and i see a message if i can't resolve my copyright issue my channel gonna be terminated. url image 1: my first claim i have it on 25 january (and basically on 25 april as say youtube my claim be...
  10. S

    YTmonster views are Sticky or Not ??

    Hi, I just used YTmonster when someone suggested that they provide sticky views but in my case it was not same. Suppose I provided 100 views through YTmonster then only 50 showed in realtime & after that only 20 showed in the analytics. IS there any specific way to use it ? Can someone suggest...
  11. S

    Reasons For Videos Showing On Trending Page of YouTube ?

    Hi All, I was wondering that what is the reason behind a video showing on the Trending Page of YouTube like any specific no of views or engagements which helps it to show there or is there any thing else. As far as I know if a video gets more than 25K views within the 24 hrs of its publishing...
  12. T

    I'm a New League of Legends Channel. And I'm from Vietnam!

    Hi guys, I created a League of Legends channel a few days ago. And I am from Vietnam. I want to share with the world how an average Vietnamese plays the game. I have highlights posted for now and I do intent on doing full gameplay with commentary (in English of course), guides and other stuffs...
  13. Faded

    BUY [BUY] Fullscreen Partnered YouTube Account

    Hi! I am looking to buy at least 1 Fullscreen Partnered YouTube Account. I am able to buy ~5 per week. BUYING BBTV ACCOUNTS TOO!! I can pay using either PayPal (Gift / Family & Friends) or Bitcoins. PM me using this link: click_me Won't go first except if someone has more rep than me. Do NOT...
  14. nilkam

    SELL youtube channel

    selling youtube Account without linked any network and adsense channel is created in sep 9, 2014 - with PV (phone verified) 3 video uploaded and 114 subscriber price : 3.50$ Bitcoin ****************************************************** channel is created in Aug 26, 2014 - with PV (phone...
  15. doz4

    SELL Youtube Accounts From 2014-2015

    i have youtube accounts, they are from 2014 and 2015, no subs, no videos, they are empty Accounts hasn't been linked with Adsense This account hasn't been used / attempted to apply for a YT network. Can grow the account and apply to a network Price is 2$/account payments: BTC
  16. qALEX26

    SELL A Youtube Channel Partenered With BBTV !

    I SELL IT !!!
  17. qALEX26

    SELL Sell Youtube BBTV Gaming Channel with facebook and twitter - Screenshots

    Hello . The channel has 268 subscribers .. 130+ are with subhub but they are sticky .. I have them from 2 3 months. The channel has 15k views..and still coming but mostly I send traffic with YTmonster.. 10K Views are from a video , all legit without te. The channel has even a
  18. skylikemake

    Copyright friendly Youtube Networks - Paying for Terminated channels

    Which youtube networks are "copyright friendly" ? and paying for terminated channels?
  19. Dragon

    Need Freedom or FullScreen Account Please Help

    I want to create YouTube Channel but I need Freedom or FullScreen or any other partner account. Please anyone have account ? Please help ??
  20. earthboundeb

    Buy FS, Maker network channels

    I buy FS and Maker, PM me if you have channels with these networks for sale.