youtube cpm method

  1. G

    MY Youtube Earnings (LEgit Channel)

    I can't show my youtube channel so no one steals my idea etc and reuploads. Anyways a few months ago I was partnered With RPM (Under Maker Studios) and i made over $10,000. I would have earned more but they had the 60-40 revenue share. I Then got my monetization disabled from copyright issues...
  2. Laserus

    [YouTube] How to DOUBLE your CPM!! {FULL GUIDE}

    Hello everyone! :smile: With the success of my past few threads about YouTube, I've decided to come back and share yet again another method to earn more money on YouTube!! If you are curious about my other YouTube threads, you can check them out here : 1. My Previous How To increase CPM...
  3. former011

    Making easy Money with Websyndic after the 301+ dead

    Hello Guys, here my Method to make Money for your Video on Youtube with new Settings. This don't work with Adsense. Only with MCN's or without monetizing! Work's best when your Video are 8-10 minutes length. EDIT: This works after the 301+ dead very fine for Money Making. This Thread are a...