youtube cpm

  1. kira2503

    Has Youtube returned to normal?

    Hey everybody How are things with Youtube ads now? Have things gone back to normal yet or are they improving? Have the advertisers returned and how are things going for the creators, has the cpm returned to normal for this time of year?
  2. N

    My Youtube CPM $230!

    Hello i made new youtube channel 3 days ago, i have only 1 video with 15 views today i checked my youtube cpm and i shocked : 1 estimated monetized earned me 0.13 cent but in the image $0.23, youtube takes a percentage of the profits i hope i see this $230 forever, now i need to make great...
  3. G

    MY Youtube Earnings (LEgit Channel)

    I can't show my youtube channel so no one steals my idea etc and reuploads. Anyways a few months ago I was partnered With RPM (Under Maker Studios) and i made over $10,000. I would have earned more but they had the 60-40 revenue share. I Then got my monetization disabled from copyright issues...
  4. hp1234

    How to increase CPM 2016 Youtube

    Hey TBN, For anyone doing youtube, they want to know how to increase CPM! So I share some of my ideas, if you have you own then post below and ill add it to this main post!! first off you NEED to upload daily and if you can the more videos the better! after make sure you have all ad types...
  5. kaito1996

    A though about youtube cpm

    Hi TBN, This thing just crossed my mind yesterday. You guys know that youtube/google show ads based on the search interest, right? Most of us use vps to watch videos via TE. But mostly we use vps only to watch video, not searching for what's currently trending on the internet. For example: I...
  6. jacknet

    Youtube Monetization !!!!

    Hello every one, please i have a question about youtube monetization settings and i want any one here tell me is my ads configuration is true or false because my cpm is very bad between 1$ to 2$ :( This my settings: So please give me your answers Thanks & sorry for this non important thread
  7. TheG0DBoy

    Aquos Digital/Freedom - YouTube Partnership, High CPM's, Accepts Everyone!

  8. omranebecha

    i make $8.21 for 2 weeks on YouTube upload just 6 videos with this network !!

    hi every body just i want to shares my yt channel statistics with you my channel from 11/08/2015 ====> 27/08/2015 with this network ref link no ref
  9. Laserus

    [YouTube] How to DOUBLE your CPM!! {FULL GUIDE}

    Hello everyone! :smile: With the success of my past few threads about YouTube, I've decided to come back and share yet again another method to earn more money on YouTube!! If you are curious about my other YouTube threads, you can check them out here : 1. My Previous How To increase CPM...
  10. E

    Youtube network for sexy girl vids

    Hello, i've been parnered with freedom but after a while they stopped monetizing my channel. I have no strikes on youtube or problem with copyright, i have copyright to music and all pics. But they have problem with "sexy material". But there is no nsfw, all girls are fully clothed in pictures...