youtube earnings

  1. D

    youtube TE

    hi everybody i got a 3-year-old youtube channel partnered with Fullscreen so i need some tips in order to start sending traffic to my videos which TE would you recommend to use on my channel?
  2. R

    Youtube Earnings help help help

    Anybody who know how to get lots of visitors and subscriber to youtube chennal and how much is CPM rate of Youtube. Anyone plz i want to earn quick money without investment so please help me.
  3. Marketer

    Regarding Youtube Ad revenue And Estimated Earning

    Youtube Channel Attached with Adsense. All traffic Are Real. No Traffic Exchange Here is 27-05-2016 Screenshot There is big difference in Ad revenue and Estimated Earning on 27-05-2016 What is The Reason Behind This? Any Body Know This?
  4. Slorunner

    Got paid even if i my monetization got banned

    just some proof here ;) #Freedom! @Rednetwork don't worry if you get banned :P i will update this if i get march earnings (i was demonetized in march ;) )
  5. G

    Youtube Earnings for April so Far

    Post your earnings heres mine
  6. G

    Show Your April 2016 Youtube Earnings

    My earnings so far
  7. E

    Youtube earnings too low... low monitized views

    I got accepted to fullscreen but my earnings are too low. I am sending 30K points from websindic with timer 120-180 sec and minutes from hornyte but i got 100-200 monitized views daily and earning $0.5-$1 daily... Can someone help me? what I am doing wrong? I also tried ip rotator but the...
  8. 1337_Pirate

    BBTV November earnings

    Hey, guys! How are you all? So.. the thing that i have to know is about BBTV. I got my report of November. When will the earning be available in my paypal? Can any BBTV user confirm wheither they have paid for November yet or not? Anyway how's your cpm going people? As it is really bad these...
  9. TheG0DBoy

    Aquos Digital/Freedom - YouTube Partnership, High CPM's, Accepts Everyone!

  10. selex280811

    [SuperViewShield] Start Making Bank Today!!

    SuperViewShield My Friend @james99g JUST SO EVERYBODY KNOWS USE THE VPS VIEWER FOR NOW! WORKS BEST! Hello everyone, today I'm gonna present you to me and my friend`s new Traffic Exchange called SuperViewShield Q: What is SuperViewShield? SuperViewShield is a totally new Traffic Exchange...
  11. Laserus

    YouTube and Traffic Exchanges F.A.Q.

    Hello everyone, Laserus here with another great thread :grin: Today, I decided to finally make a Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) thread on the topic of YouTube and Traffic Exchanges. As many of you know, there have been MANY traffic exchanges opened up within the past few weeks, and the...