youtube monetization

  1. GamesWorld

    Interested on a Youtube Channel with Monetization enabled

    Hi guys, i see finally youtube move on to review more quickly the review and i notice channels did the appeal before the 1st July 2018 they all completed all review. Unfortunally mine was rejected and soo did anyone can sell a channel with monetization enabled? i don't know the price how much...
  2. NightlifeZz

    Prepare for Youtube Adpocalypse 2.0

    Pewdiepie couldn't control him self again and now everyone is triggered and offended. Advertisers will pull out again but I think livestreaming revenue will be hit more this time. This is because advertisers don't know what will happen on Youtube livestreams. Last time Youtube Adpocalypse was...
  3. NightlifeZz

    WTF My sports streams & videos got 32k views but only $0.03 ad revenue

    Can some someone explain to me how I got 32k views, only 9 monetized playbacks on a $5 cpm and the ad revenue was $0.03. This keeps happening to me, I've tried this on other channels as well and I'm just not earning anything. All views are real but I can't figure out why this is happening. I...
  4. NightlifeZz

    Copyrighted Music Videos 3million views - How do they do it??

    Can someone explain to me this sorcery? All they do is add the videos together, can't hear any changes to the audio. How the fuck are they doing this?? They have not sped it up or changed the pitch so don't bother replying with that nonsense. Just for a test I tried uploading a part of the...
  5. H

    Noob youtuber from India. Looking for help from Experienced youtubers .

    hello to all members . I was doing google searching and I came across this forum . Read a few posts and then I decided to join this forum hoping that I might be able to get answer here . Followings are the queries which is confusing me . I have seen many channels on youtube which are getting...
  6. NightlifeZz

    RIP Youtube 2016

    Youtube are now demonetizing almost everyones videos including the big youtubers. This is all because Youtube wants to be able to have advertiser friendly content for Youtube to get a lot more ad money. This is basically censorship. Here are everyones opinions...
  7. M

    Got Freedom Invite on Youtube. Should I join?

    Got Freedom Invite on Youtube. Should I join? Is it worth it guys? I just started Youtube a recently and managed to get some views. Now I applied for partner program with Freedom. Do you think its worth it? I am already monetizing my videos withuth Adsense. I have a CPM of 4$ right now. Should I...
  8. M

    New to TBN but has been ewhoring for the past 2 yrs and recently started mining and monetizing

    New to TBN but has been ewhoring for the past 2 yrs and recently started mining and monetizing!! This thread looks cools...better than HF i beleive..and are the vast majority members here indians?
  9. jacknet

    New Youtube Terms & Updates !!

    Hello every one here, Yesterday i have got this email from a Youtube partnership network who says that it must approve the new YT conditions or it will disabled the monetization in my channel !! So any one have more informations about that tell us Thanks :giddy:
  10. nickblak

    [NickHits] - New traffic Exhange site

    Hello everyone! :thumbs: I want present you new traffic exchange site with more futures! :) Basic information: - 5 default slots - Unlimited session slots - Standard web viewer that works on multiple platforms. - Imacro for Vps servers and other stuff. - NEW future launch Nickhits and 22hits...
  11. XboxOneKid

    22Hits vs 247WebHits vs Dynahits

    Hello everyone I am your avid traffic exchange user and I wanted to create this to have the ultimate talk on who is the best TE. As you can see the Title has 3 of the "Best" TE's or the ones with the most potential. They are ordered from who is winning to who is lossing. Please lets share CPM...
  12. 1337_Pirate

    Youtube Q & A

    Hey guys, Hope you are all doing well with your youtube career! I know there are a lot of newcomers who are trying to earn through this youtube stuff. When I first came to all this, it was really confusing and I knew how hard it was! This thread is for all those new people around. So, mostly...
  13. I


    Hey everyone I am just curious what people are making on YouTube when it comes to YouTube and Traffic Exchanges! Please Vote!
  14. 1337_Pirate

    End of my Youtube Career

    Hey guys, Hope you are all doing great. There are a bunch of people who are going really fast with their earnings at present.. So many new TE at this moment. The CPM is increasing a lot too! You people will surely go ahead with yours! Good luck to you all out there!!! :):):) I don't think I can...
  15. 247WebHits

    New Traffic Exchange on the WAY! (247WebHits)

    Hey everyone I posted about our new Traffic Exchange that is on the way, but at the time we did not have posting privileges in this section. You can check out everything about this new Traffic Exchange here:
  16. 1337_Pirate

    Best Cheap Windows VPS

    Where can I buy some really good windows vps, that I can connect with RDP easily? I don't know much about these.:( 24/7 server running is a must. Needs to have good speed cause I'll mostly use TVZ, Otohits and TH. :) So, What do u guys prefer? I do not know much about VPS actually. :okay: What...
  17. M

    Youtube Monetization

    Hi all, I am trying to monetize Youtube videos (of course arent made by me). Just reuploading them. Is there any way I can monetize them? Maybe using some network? Do any network allows such videos? I dont receive any copyright claim notices, BTW. Thanks for the help :)