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  1. GamesWorld

    Serious Discussion about Youtube Views

    Hi, i have some question to ask about youtube views as you guys are very expert and i'm always honorate to be part of this amazing forum :D my best desire is was make 100k views daily using some bot (to be honest also 30-70k daily would be good too) too boost my channel and get a famous channel...
  2. GamesWorld

    For Information Purpose: Youtube Video VS Youtube Livestream, which are better for make money?

    Hi guys which are better for make money? Youtube video or Youtube Livestream? explain your proof and or ideas. for my opinion maybe the livestream have more ads and soo i guess make more money but sometimes the ads doesn't appear maybe in a 10+ min videos you can set many ads and for sure the...
  3. GamesWorld

    it's possible make money on Youtube + Adsense? Tell your Experience ^^

    it's possible make good money with Youtube using adsense? i mean with a good ammount of click usa, uk,ecc (Tier 1 Click) and with a good traffic it's possible make money? show us your experience and if you want your proof about that, i'm really curious because people here think network steal...
  4. K

    So how is youtube botting nowadays?

    Well ive been a bit away from youtube botting. Trying to find other methods. But now im back. How is youtube botting nowadays? I remember it being dead like 3-4 months ago because of cuts.
  5. GamesWorld

    Best Youtube Tips for gain organic traffic?Seo tips?

    Hi guys i want make a good thread about all youtube tips and also seo tips to help us to maximize the potential of your channels, specially this thread be indicated for new channels, soo guys don't be shy and comment below with your tattics and information how to gain the best for your channel...
  6. GamesWorld

    How to be accepted to a network? new TOS? new requirements?is the end for re-upload method?

    hi guys, i have problem to be partner with a new channels. i have channel with 80 and another with 100 subs with 10k and 22k views total on this channel i upload copyrighted content (but many videos don't have copyright, nothing soo i guess if i deleted videos with copyright issue i have on...
  7. basamgad

    Youtube Advertiser-friendly ? WT**

    what are wrong with youtube this day it's really a fuckin shitt 80% of youtube channels dosen't have any ads or even earn from their videos here are a list of the videos that will no longer able to earn from it Road rage videos Fight Videos Karma Fight Videos Any videos have F-word or N-word...
  8. N

    My Youtube CPM $230!

    Hello i made new youtube channel 3 days ago, i have only 1 video with 15 views today i checked my youtube cpm and i shocked : 1 estimated monetized earned me 0.13 cent but in the image $0.23, youtube takes a percentage of the profits i hope i see this $230 forever, now i need to make great...
  9. Faded


    Hi! :uhuh: I just noticed that literally nobody has any display ads anymore. I don't have an adblocker installed, and I have checked various videos, from Pranking-Channel owners to popular music videos. Is there anything going on, I don't know about? I know that big companies such as AT&T...
  10. That516Kid

    $200 a month youtube channel

    Thought i'd give this youtube thing a real good go and its paying off... started uploading properly december 2016 and now i'm on 150k views a month making decent profit for doing practically nothing... 2 DAYS LATER:
  11. S

    How To Make A Video Trending In Youtube Trending Page

    Hi, I have seen many non relevant videos which shows in YouTube trending page, so I was wondering how does it comes in trending page ? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  12. S

    Sticky YouTube Views or Not

    Hey All, While surfing I visited this site followiz com which provides youtube views & other social media features. Have anyone used their services earlier & any reviews regarding the same ??
  13. basamgad

    Youtube CPM + Low Earn !

    Hello guys i have some questions i got daily 1-2k views on my videos + my cpm is 4$ but in my adsense it's too low look my viewers come from high cpm country like US,UK,Germany If i Join any network like FS and Block My videos in india because the low cpm would that help me to get good...
  14. GamesWorld

    Information how to make sticky views?

    guys do you think if a good programmer make a program can make sticky views with at every time make a views clear cookies, change user agent, IP and change resolution every time make a views it's good to make with a good proxy list or VPN make a good ammount of views (maybe like 5k-10k views...
  15. D

    get to know me a bit better,aye ? :D

    Welcome to my glorious introduction! Been on tbn for a while but just been a "low quality spammer" no.. but fo' real :) Been here looking over the youtube forum, the bots and the program section. Just started a youtube "journey" with one chanel to see where it leads me. And to get far i could...
  16. D

    Hey Guys, Did you guys got Report from BBTV.?

    Hey guys i need some help. Did you guys got bbtv Report for January Payment.? Please let me know. PS - Am New here. :) --- Post updated --- Hey Guys anyone can help me please ?
  17. C

    YouTube earning journey

    Im a new member, but can't seem to post in the hunger game section. Anyways just wanted to show you guys the earnings I've made from June to December June July August September October November December A lot of hard work and Never Give up!
  18. K

    kilohits 60-120sec timer on long videos?

    Hello can someone try 60-120sec on a long video? like 30mins or longer on kilohits? ive been trying on my videos, usually between 30-50 mins and im always getting cuts.
  19. Schw0ZeH

    Schw0ZeH YouTube Journey 2016-2017

    Hi everyone and welcome, Since a few weeks ago I've had a thread about: if you want me to create a YT Journey, and quite a lot of you said - Yes. So, here I am. Thread: I will be posting here my earnings through the months and aim to...
  20. K

    got cut by kilohits

    amyone else got cut on youtube because of kilohits? i got a cut of 7 dollars im not sure why